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SOA Governance

No description

Jason Chatland

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of SOA Governance

App Dev Today SOA Governance Silo’d development
No visibility to a “Services Catalog” for reuse
Some project implementations (RADAR/KINA)
Low FTE SOA skillset (Web Services, WS*, ETL)
Historically - No requirement for multi-project governance Strategic Drivers Increased Application
Development Efficiency The answer is SOA Governance ... a Framework for making
decisions ... RADAR/ RARM Lessons Communication is key
SOA is not easy
Client engagement
Service specifications changing
Downstream process integration
Invest in infrastructural services first
like User Management Services SOA Governance - Step 1 How do we get there Governance Lifecycle Client Services focus Business Agility Reduce Business Risk Simple Communication Complex Communication Today .... Future and it already exists Assessment Plan and Define Deploy and Execute Manage and Monitor Analyze and Evaluate Known Services Unknown Services
Landscape substanceLookup() Assesment value greater
than the some
of the individual parts discovery incremental improvement regular course correction Services Delivery Organizational Performance Management
and Compliance Common Services eForms Management Authorities, Approvals,
Licenses, Permits Registration and Inspection Complaints and
Investigations Management Grants and Contributions Simplified Business Ref. Model for Regulatory Client Development Client 1 Client 2 Project 2 Project 1 IMSD Ref Model User Management Secure Submission Utility Services Performance Management Application Monitoring ?? SOA What's next? Educate and train staff
Realistic goals and objectives
Governance body start-up
All guided by a SOA Roadmap
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