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This was a project I had to do for school. Grade 6. Set by my school's librarian. Enjoy. Due somewhere in June ,2015

Jimmy Xiang

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Deforestation

What is Deforestation?
Deforestation is when a forest gets destroyed, burned or cut down massively. Deforestation is bad for the environment and make the world a bad place to live. Deforestation sometimes happens when you want to replace the forest with something because the thing you want to grow only can grow there.
Causes for Deforestation
Effects of Deforestation
The effects of deforestation is soil erosion, habitat loss. Soil erosion is when the soil gets dried up and it’s nutrients is gone. Bacteria then breaks down the soil and when it rains, the soil will fall down and the erosion starts. Habitats are being lost because some animals live in the trees and their home is being cut down, which means they are being forced to find a new home.

Points of View
Here a points of view from a environmentalist and the next one is a point of view of a logger.
"What is lost is the intactness… This is a process which results in biodiversity loss — particularly, far-ranging species will no longer be able to survive," said Christoph Thies, senior forest campaigner for Greenpeace International.

Solutions to Deforestation
People are helping stop deforestation by planting a trees and other stuff. There is also an organization called the FSC ( Forest Stewardship Concil). The FSC help protect trees and forests so they can last into the future. People are also making man made forests. The canadian government is considering to create the biggest man made forest ever. You can also help by planting trees, using recycled paper or GOOS ( Good on one side) paper and help stop deforestation and make the world a better place.
More Effects of Deforestation
There are more effect of deforestation like climate change and the air gets dirty . Deforestation effects the climate because the trees keeps the soil moist and when you cut the trees down the soil get dry and soil erosion takes place. If you cut a whole forest down, desertification will or floods might take place. Deforestation also help global warming because trees are like air filters so when you cut trees down the air get dirty and that will help global warming.

Soil Erosion
Habitat loss
by Jimmy :)
Point of View of a Logger
This is a point of view/quote for an anonymous logger “There's nothing wrong with deforestation! After all, it provides for plenty of jobs, and plus, who's to care if we chop down a few trees? We're only trimming the rainforest! And someone has to provide for my family! Those rich people are saying, 'Stop chopping down the trees, it's bad for the environment!' And what do they do? Nothing!”
My Point of View of Deforestation
My point of view for deforestation is that I think it's bad and should be stopped. It wreck habitats and it bad for the enviorment.
There are three causes for deforestation. They are agriculture, population growth, and the logging industry. Agriculture is a cause for deforestation because people destroy the forests to grow crops and other stuff. Next is population growth. Population growth is when the population of people increases which means that more and more trees need to be cut down to build the frames of houses and furniture and other stuff. Loggers are people who cut down trees for a living so they have a part in deforestation.
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