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The Selection By Kiera Cass

No description

Meghan Heister

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of The Selection By Kiera Cass

More Literary Elements: Carpe Diem and Amplification
Carpe Diem-
Make the most of your short life.
Even though the Selection is something America doesn't want to be a part of, her friends and family still encourage her to try and make the most of it.

Author adds to the sentence to make it have more meaning.
There are a lot of sentences with good literary value and vivid description.

Analysis/Textual Support
: "We'd seen them in action before. One of the magistrate's houses got burned to the ground and a handful of Two's got their cars vandalized. There was even a magnificent jailbreak once, but considering they only released an innocent girl and a Seven who was father to nine, I couldn't help but think they were right that time." (page 3, chapter 1)
Literary Elements: Antagonist and Peyteg's Pyramid

-Someone or something that opposes a person, force, idea; a rival
Some of the supposedly "good guys" are actually bad, and the "bad guys" (rebels) are fighting for a good cause.

Peyteg's Pyramid
- Plotline for rising action and falling action, includes climax
America's story creates an exciting plotline.
Don't judge a person until you know them.
" "You must like him a little to be willing to stay, right?"
I ducked my head. "I do," I said with a tiny nod. He's more than I ever imagined he was." " (page 326)

Be open to new ideas and don't miss out on life.
"The Selection was no longer something that was simply happening to me, but something I was actively a part of."(page 327)

" "Wow, Mom." I shook my head, still in shock. "Okay, I'll fill out the form today." " (page 27)
America is an average teenage girl
She doesn't want to be a princess
She gets chosen to be in a fierce competition for a position she doesn't want
She already has a love, Aspen
The Selection

By Kiera Cass

Effect of Literary Elements
Peyteg's Pyramid and Carpe Diem
Peyteg's Pyramid
helped make "The Selection" interesting.

There is rising action, starting with America being chosen.
"The next week was full of officials swarming into our house to prepare me for the Selection."

(chapter 6, page 57)
Eventually there is a climax (you really think I'd tell you? No. It would ruin the book for you.) And then falling action.
Carpe Diem
"Would it kill you to fill out the form? The Selection would be a great opportunity for you, for all of us." (page 2, chapter 1)

America's family is telling her to take every opportunity she can.
The literary elements in this book kept me entertained and wanting to read more.

The writing is in the style of first person and is in the point of view of America. This helped me understand America and what she was feeling. The rising action and climax left suspense and the Rebels being good was an excellent plot twist.
"I looked at my mother. For a five, she was a little on the heavy side, which was odd. Perhaps that's just the way a body looks after five children. Her hair was red; like mine, but full of brilliant white streaks. Lines creased at the corners of her eyes, though she was still pretty young, I could see as she moved around the kitchen that she was hunched over as if an invisible weight rested on her shoulders." (page 5, chapter 1)

America is describing her mom. The way this element is used helps hook the reader in and keeps you interested. It is used to support the story and make it better.
9/ 10 stars
Recommended for middle school students. You need a sense of maturity to read this book.
Tends to attract a female audience
35 girls. A major competition. The crown will soon belong to one of them.
Pages: 327
Genre: Fantasy


"The Selection" is an entertaining book that has good literary value and intriguing details. I recommend that you read this book!
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