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"The Human Ice Berg"

No description

M2K Kids

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of "The Human Ice Berg"

Benjamin Harrison, the twenty-third president of the USA, was born August 20, 1833 in North Bend, Ohio.
Date and Place of Birth
"The Human Ice Berg"
Ben started his education in a one room school house, and then had a tutor prepare him for college. The colleges he went to were Farmer's College in Cincinnati, Ohio and Miami U. in Oxford, Ohio. He graduated from Miami U. in 1852.
When Ben was little, his parents were not wealthy, but he still found pleasure in fishing and hunting. Ben was 7 years old when his grandfather was elected the ninth president of the USA, but he didn't go to the inauguration.
Before becoming president, Benjamin was very interested in the studies of law, so the all jobs he had had do with law. For example, in 1860, Ben successfully ran as Republican candidate for reporter of the Indiana Supreme Court.
Early Career
Ben made lots of contributions in his life. For example, he supported a bill that allowed voting rights for African Americans. He was also a Brigadier General in the American Civil War.
Contributions in life
Benjamin Harrison was the first person to have his voice recorded. He was also the first person to be the grandson of another president. His great-grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Harrison had two nick-names; "Kid Gloves" and "The Human Ice Berg". They called him "Kid Gloves" because he wore gloves made of goat skin. They called him "The Human Ice Berg" because he was cold and unfriendly. Benjamin Harrison was the first person to install electricity in the White House.
Interesting Facts
Benjamin Harrison died on Wednesday, March 13, 1901 at his home in Indianapolis, India of pneumonia at age 67.
Death Date, Location, Cause, and Age at Death
Caroline Scott
Mary Dimmick
Married on October 20, 1853
Married on April 6, 1896
Children That They Had
Elizabeth Harrison Walker
Russell Benjamin Harrison
Mary Harrison McKee
Nameless daughter who died soon after birth
Brothers and Sisters
John Scott Harrison
Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin
By Nick Miheli
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