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Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort Bulacan

No description

Eryll Jean Samot

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort Bulacan

Beach.Fun.Sun.Freedom.Friendship.Memories. Respect'08 Summer Location: Soak up the Amenities: Entrance Fee: Brgy. San Nicholas Bulakan Bulacan 2 Huge Wave Pools 150 meters
Raging River 180 daytime swimming
210 night time swimming
250 overnight swimming Accommodations: Cottages - 400 pesos
Aircon Rooms - 1500 pesos good for 2-4 persons
Villa Rooms - 4000 pesos good for 6-8 persons
Bahay Kubo with electric fan - 1000 pesos Accommodations: Cottage Aircon Rooms Villa Rooms Bahay Kubo And there's
more! *Food & Transportation still not included.
*Price of food & transportation will depend on the final head count. Summer is upon us. Let's have a great R-E-S-P-E-C-T! summer For more details, you can check-out: http://www.coolwavesresorts.net/index.html © E. Samot Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort Bulacan Destination: Where waves of fun never stops!
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