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Katie Kuch

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of Dracula

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Chapter 22
After making her drink his blood, Dracula tells Mina she's in his power
Mina says that if she starts to feel vampire-y she'll commit suicide
The men (Jonathan, Quincey, Arthur, Van Helsing, Seward), decide to hunt down Dracula and kill him.
They plan to head to Dracula's houses and sterilize the boxes with holy wafers
Before they leave, they place a wafer on Mina's forehead and it burns her, she thinks its a mark of shame because of the contaminating touch of vampire on her
They head to Carfax first, and put wafers in the boxes
They figure out that a box is missing and head to Piccadilly
Chapters 23-24
While in the house at Piccadilly, they get a telegram from Mina, who stayed behind
The men are ready to attack when Dracula arrives suddenly
Jonathan goes to stab Dracula, but Dracula dodges him just in time
The men go at Dracula with their crucifixes, and Dracula retreats, but says that he's got Mina in his control
Dracula's control over Mina is weak around dawn, so she suggests that they hypnotize her; it works and they can keep tabs on Dracula
The group finds out that Dracula has left the country
He is on a boat named the Czarina Catherine, and they know where its headed
Chapters 25-26
Mina tells the group to kill her if she becomes to vampire-y
The group is ready to leave on their journey, but are awaiting a telegram on the location of the Czarina Catherine
The telegram arrives and says the boat is in Galatz, so they plan to head there in the morning
Mina feels freer, and lighter than she has, Van Helsing worries it's because of Dracula
The group arrives in Galatz the next day, and so does the Czarina Catherine
The box was given to a man to take down the river
Mina keeps seeing Dracula in water, so they go after him
Stage, Musical, Ballet
1897 - Stoker produced a one-time staged reading at Lyceum Theater in London
1924 - Hamilton Deane, fully dramatized version
Many Dracula ballets have been produced
United States and Canada have created musical versions

Film and TV
Began with 1922 F.W. Murnau’s silent film
Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror
Universal Studios
in 1931, many other spin-offs from Universal
Hammer Films 1958 version starring Christopher Lee (Dracula) and Peter Crushing (Van Helsing)
Lee played Dracula in eight more films
Dracula: Prince of Darkness
Taste the Blood of Dracula
The Brides of Dracula
First ‘big budget’ film was John Badham’s
in 1979
Love story and horror film, focuses on erotic attraction between Dracula and Lucy
Francis Ford Coppola’s
Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Gary Oldman (Dracula) and Anthony Hopkins (Van Helsing)
Only film to be completely faithful to Stoker’s storyline

Comic Books and Games
Batman and Dracula
Dracula versus Zorro
Dracula versus King Arthur
Dracula Lives!
Tomb of Dracula
ran from 1972-1979 (Marv Wolfman)
X-Men vs. Dracula
Spider-Man versus Dracula
(1994), and
Dr. Strange versus Dracula
Konami Corporation’s
running since 1986 (loosely tied to Stoker)

DreamCatcher Interactive games
Dracula: The Resurrection
Dracula: The Last Sanctuary
(2001), and
Dracula Origin
Is Lucy responsible for the marks on the children's necks?

Lucy's coffin - empty

Holmwood kills Lucy's demon
Mina and John Harker arrive at the asylum

Van Helsing discusses how to defeat the count
Strengths of the un-dead:
take the form of various animals
control weather

can't survive without blood
can't enter a house unless invited
lose power at daybreak
powerless before holy objects
Journey to Carfax

Mina's heightened anxieties

Changes in Renfield's behavoir, death
Lucy is not in good health
She begins to have nightmares as she did back in Whitby.
Her mother and Arthur are concerned about her
Arthur contacts Dr. Seward to take a loot at Lucy
The moonlight was so bright...

Dr. Seward notices she is lacking blood, he summons his old professor Van Helsing
Van Helsing is concerned as well. A close eye is to be kept on Lucy.
The men rush to Harker's room to find Jonathan unconscious and Mina drinking blood from the count's chest

Van Helsing gets rid of Dracula with a Communion wafer
Lucy continuously awakes in need of blood transfusions.
Van Helsing suggests dressing Lucy's room in garlic
Lucy's mother unknowingly removes the garlic from her room which puts Lucy in danger
She awakes needing yet another blood transfusion and the garlic was replaced, Lucy's mother is aware of its "medicinal" purpose.
Story of an escaped wolf frightens Van Helsing, Dr. Seward is to again keep watch on Lucy but he receives word late.
Lucy's mother dies of a heart attack when a wolf breaks through the window of Lucy's room
Another blood transfusion is necessary to keep Lucy alive
The final blood transfusion does not help Lucy
Arthur loses his father, Lucy and Lucy's mother all at once
The story of "The bloofer lady"
Meanwhile: Mina becomes concerned with Jonathan's terrors and brings the contents of his journal to the attention of Van Helsing
Bram Stoker
Chapter 27
Count Dracula
- centuries old vampire. Powers: can take form of an animal, control the weather, and stronger than 20 men. Limited: cannot enter a house unless invited, cannot cross water unless carried, powerless in daylight

Van Helsing
- professor, not blinded by limitations of Western medicine, he can see the bigger picture, leader of the group that defeats Dracula

Jonathan Harker
- lawyer, first a prisoner to the count, he escapes and joins the fight to bring him down

Mina Murray
- Harker’s fiancee, ahead of her time, empowered female, victim of the Count

Lucy Westenra
- Mina’s best friend, very attractive, first character to fall under Dracula’s spell, becomes a vampire, demon spirit killed

John Seward
- doctor, Van Helsing’s former student, one of Lucy’s suitors

Arthur Holmwood
- Lucy’s fiancee, inherits the title of Lord Godalming, kills Lucy’s demonic form

Quincy Morris
- one of Lucy’s suitors, sacrifices himself to rid the world of Dracula

- patient at Seward’s medical asylum, in cohorts with the count

Mrs. Westenra
- Lucy’s mother, poor health

Jonathan Harker's Journey to Transylvania
Stay at the hotel
Warnings from passengers
Transfer at Bargo Pass
The group finally gets to Castle Dracula and camps out near the castle
The three brides of Dracula arrive who tried to seduce Jonathan
Van Helsing heads to the Castle, disposes of the three vampire brides
The group (Mina, Van Helsing, Seward, Arthur, Jonathan, and Qunicey) awaits the Szgany group that is approaching
Quincey, Jonathan, Arthur, and Seward force their way through the ring of Szgany around the wagon
Quincey gets stabbed in the side and is bleeding profusely
The box gets knocked off the wagon, revealing Dracula
Jonathan slashes Dracula's throat, Qunicey stabs Dracula in heart
Dracula's body turns to dust and blows away
1931 movie
2013 TV series
Emily Dutton, Jessica Wieneke, Sara Bradley, & Katie Kuch
Conversing about the Transylvanian life and the English life.
Born Nov. 8, 1847 to Abraham and Charlotte.
He was the third of 7 children
Attended Trinity College in Dublin as an athlete. Graduated with a BA in Mathematics
He was the auditor of College Historical Society and the pres. of Universal Philosophical Society
In 1878 Stoker married Florence Balcombe. Only had one child whom they named Irving

Other Works
Stoker’s first story,
The Crystal Cup
, was published in 1872
His first nonfiction book was published in 1879:
The Duties of Clerks of Petty Sessions in Ireland
Upon visiting Whitby, which is said to be the inspiration for
, is when his writings began with
The Snakes Pass
in 1890 and
in 1897.
Just a few that followed were
The Lady of the Shroud, The Lair of the White Worm,
Personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving
Count informs Jonathan:
to write letters to his boss and Mina
to not fall asleep outside of his room
Other Information
What does Harker discover while exploring the castle?
Founder of the Dublin Sketching Club in 1874.
For 27 years, Stoker was Henry Irvings acting and business manager for the Lyceum Theatre in London
Died on April 20, 1912 due to multiple strokes. His ashes are currently in a display urn at Golders Green Crematorium mixed with his son, Irvings.
Was it a dream or was it real?
Gypsies arrive at the castle, Jonathan:
Trys to send a letter
Sees the arrival of the wooden boxes
Investigating Dracula's bedroom
The findings in Dracula's bedroom
Attempted murder of Dracula
Mina and Lucy's Letters
Mina's Fiancee
Lucy's Marriage Prospects
Dr. Seward's 1st diary entry
New patient
Ship washed ashore with no crew
Captain's log findings
Disappearance of sailors
Mina reports of Lucy being restless
Quincey Morris comes last minute just in time to do a blood transfusion
Ch 1 & 2
The meeting of Count Dracula
Physical Appearance
Close incident with Dracula
Prisoner in Dracula's castle
Ch 3
Ch 4
Ch 5 & 6
Mina and Lucy's visit to Whitby
Continued diary entries from Dr. Seward
Sighting of a ship drifting offshore
Ch 7 & 8
Mina discovers Lucy outside in the churchyard
Findings of two pin pricks on Lucy's neck
Mina begins to worry about her friends
Full transcript