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Inferring Using Music

No description

Amanda Murry

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Inferring Using Music

Inferring Using Music
"Someone Like You"
By: Adele
"Teardrops on my Guitar"
By: Taylor Swift
"Two Black Cadillacs"
By: Carrie Underwood
You will listen to 4 different songs.

Next, you will choose two of the songs to answer inference questions over.
Now that you have listened to the four songs, come get the worksheet with the questions from the two songs you have decided to answer questions over.
Music Video
"Two Black Cadillacs"
Music Video
"Someone Like You"
Music Video
"Teardrops on my Guitar"
"Cry me a River"
By: Justin Timberlake
Music Video
"Cry me a River"
DO NOT proceed until you have turned in the two worksheets to me.
Extra Credit!!!
Use a song that you like to create inference questions like those you just completed. I have templates for those of you who would like to complete the extra credit.
***Song must be school appropriate
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