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Of Beetles And Angels

No description

Fernanda Perez

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Of Beetles And Angels

Fernanda Perez and Brayan Suarez Of Beetles And Angels
By: Mawi Asgedom Main Character Intro Mawi Asgedom
* Born in Ethiopia, Africa
* He immigrated to the United States at a very young age.
* He graduated from Harvard. Major Character Tewolde Asgedom
* Mawi's older brother.
* They were really close.
* He got killed by a drunk driver.
* He was kind and really generous. Major Character #2 Haileab Asgedom
* Mawi's dad.
* He was a doctor.
* He was born in Eritrea.
* He was a good person who liked to help people.
* He got killed by a drunk driver. Major Character #3 Tsege Asgedom
* Mawi's mom.
* Was about twenty years younger than her husband.
* She was born in Eritrea. Setting Some of the parts take place in Sudan, but mostly it takes place in the United States. It covers his life from when he was little until he graduated from college. He currently still lives in the United States. Historical Context There was war going o between Eritrea and Ethiopia in Africa. Background Information Mawi's family migrated from Africa to the United States. They don't have a lot of money and they felt homesick lots of times. Main Conflict Man v.s Society It seems very hard for Mawi and his siblings to get an education. They are also getting bullied a lot. Rising Action Mawi and his family escape from the war and go to a refugee camp in Sudan. Rising Action Mawi and his family reunite with his father. Rising Action Mawi and his family move to Chicago were they are getting into a lot of trouble and are having a hard time adjusting. Climax Tewolde dies and Haileab is getting really sick. Mawi gets a full tuition scholarship to Harvard. Falling Action Mawi goes to college and his father dies. Resolution Mawi graduates from Harvard University. Adversity His dad and brother died and they didn't have enough money to send them to college. Resilience Mawi still continued to get good grades even though his brother and dad had died. Perseverance Mawi did well in school and tried to get even better grades than last time. Determination Mawi showed determination by getting good grades. Attitude His attitude was positive because he knew that if he tried hard, he could do it How He Overcame
Adversity Even though Mawi was poor, he still graduated from Harvard. Message The message is to do the best that you can and to believe in yourself. Movie If this book was a movie, the person that would play Mawi would be Jaden Smith. The person who would play Haileab would be Morgan Freeman. The person who would play Tsege would be Halle Berry. Song A song that would be a part of the soundtrack would be Hall Of Fame by The Script. Review We thought it was a very good book and it was a very inspiring story. It tells you that you need to believe in yourself in order to accomplish your dreams. pg 115. "The test was as hard as I thought it would be. But I had every book fresh in my mind and I aced it."
pg 134." I graduated from Harvard one year ago and have since thought much about my parents' dream."
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