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What is a Biome?

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on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of What is a Biome?

By: Blayke Q
Juan C.
Sara M.
Commonly Known Biomes
All the plants and animals that make up an area. Known as a Climax Community when it is stable.
And Communities
What is a Community
Dat Biome Though
A Grasshopper
What is a Biome?
Biome: A large group of ecosystems that share the same type of climax community
Limiting Factors
Factors that affect an organisms ability to survive in its environment.
Primary Succession
The colonization of barren land by communities of organisms
After a colony is destroyed, the first new species to settle there is known as the pioneer species.
These pioneers die, and there bodies decompose, forming the new soil. This allows the growth of new species and plants.
Secondary Succession
The first biome is the tundra, a treeless land that has long summers and very short periods of sunlight in winter. Because of the cold temperature, many animals cannot survive here.
Takes place after an existing community is severely disrupted.
Takes less time to happen because there is already existing soil.
The Taiga is also called Boreal or Northern Coniferous forest. The Taiga are like forms of a continuous belt of coniferous trees worldwide.
What is a Taiga?
Rainforests are commonly found in tropical regions. As the name suggests, a lot of rainfall is experienced throughout the year.
These forests have the largest Biodiversity of all the biomes. Along with that, they have three different layers.
Biomes are cool!
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