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Mercedes Vs Jaguar

No description

Sara Adel

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Mercedes Vs Jaguar

Mercedes Vs Jaguar
The Message of the Ad
The commercial seems to be taking place in a lab
The two ads are selling cars
The length of first commercial is forty-five seconds and the second commercial is thirty-two seconds
Target Audience...
We think this ad was intended for an older audience, age 20 and higher, who are able to drive
They must be from a high social class since both Mercedes and Jaguar car are expensive
The ad is intended to appeal to males and females
Hook and Story...
The Mercedes starts out with a face of a chicken. The camera zooms out and we see it being held by two hands wearing white gloves. The hands start moving the chicken up, down, and side to side. More chickens come up on the screen, also being held by hands, and they are being moved as well. A message comes up saying "stability at all time, magic body control".
The Jaguar commercial also starts with a chicken being held by hands, but then they show the person holding it. He is in a white robe and looks like an engineer or a scientist. He says: "See? Just like a Mercedes". He then moves the chicken to the side and we hear the sound of a jaguar growling as chicken feathers fly out. The camera moves to jaguar after he ate the chicken and a message comes up "magic body control? We prefer cat-like reflexes"
Primary Informational Message...
The primary message in the Mercedes ad is how balanced and stable the car is
The primary message in the second commercial is the rapid reponse of the Jaguar car
Composition of Pictorial and Ad Copy
Mercedes ad: five car engineer, and five chickens
The ads were shot in a lab or a testing place
The song "Upside Down" by Diana Ross is played in the Mercedes commercial. The engineer spoke in the Jaguar commercial. There was also the sound of the chicken screeching and the jaguar growling
Color and Lighting...
Point of View...
Summary Observation
There was front and top artificial lighting in both commercials, as well as grey monotone color
Most of the shots were different eye-shot level and close angle of the chickens
In the Mercedes ad, a text came up a the ends saying 'stability at all time, magic body control' followed by their logo, company name, and the slogan 'the best or nothing'.
The second ad, since they were making fun of the first ad, the expressions of the engineer were exaggerated. The ad focused on the "Mercedes-Benz engineer" and the jaguar
The chickens in the Mercedes ad looked unusually clean and groomed
The hands seemed to belong to a magician hence them saying "magic body control"
The fact that they could hold a chicken and make it move a certain way shows control by the chicken and the magician, this in return foreshadows the control of the car
Intended Effect...
Unintended Effects...
Personal Reaction...
The commercial was meant to be humorous and interesting. At first you may not understand and just find it funny but as the ad goes on, it becomes more fascinating. They used the chicken to sell their point which was that the car was stable and had a lot of control
An unintended effect was the fact that another car company had used the Mercedes's ad idea to advertise their own idea. They mocked their ad by focusing on the silliness of the engineer playing with a chicken and less on the chicken, which was the main marketing strategy for Mercedes. Jaguar was also able to use their logo in the commercial to advertise their car
We thought that both ads were effective in promoting their product. They made it gender mutual, simple, and funny. They both focused on the special features of their product as well
Jaguar ad: One engineer, one chicken, and a jaguar
In the Jaguar ad, the message that came up was 'magic body control? we prefer cat-like reflexes' followed by their logo and company name. Neither was spoken
In the first ad, the scene started off with the main object in the center and shifts to different views. The chicken and the hands were in focus throughout the ad.
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