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Copy of Super Sweet Space Shuttles

No description

Donna Tuttle

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Super Sweet Space Shuttles

Who was sally ride
Sally Ride education
Space Shuttle Missions!
Sally"s birth in 1951
in 1951 a joyful murmur is heard from the nicu of the general hospital.
there were many people who never thought there were only men astronauts. Many girls and women did a mans job after she became an astronaut.
inspired people
Sally Ride was a astronaut she was child's book writer and a physics teacher
Sally Ride astronaut to the stars
by :Sadie Paigh Stevens
"a woman is capable to do any thing a man can do"
Sally Ride portla middle school west lake high.
in 1999 sally ride was the fist woman in space
sally retired her astronaut career in 2004
Sally did not tell many people about her mission but many people found out.
sally ride quotes
Sally Ride was the first woman in space. she inspired many others to do what they want to do.
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