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UTS Insearch

No description

Kim Jin Wook

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of UTS Insearch

Welcome to Sydney, Australia!
Sydney is the largest and most populated area in Australia.
More than 2 million international visitors come to the metropolitan area.
Employs 21% of the country's labor force.
Weather: 4 Different seasons.
Weather is usually warm since mid 60's to 70's.
Sydney contains over 3,000 restaurants / businesses, lots of sunny beaches, interesting museums, and is especially known for the famous Opera House.
Over 3,000 students from 75 different countries come to UTS : INSEARCH every year to prepare for university.
In 2012, 91 per cent of our diploma students achieved the marks required to articulate directly into UTS.
The Location of the Campus
3 distinguishable campuses
nearby each other in the heart of Sydney area all working together in a network.
Each campus has a different purposes such as
The Cost of Tuition
Get down to Business
International Student Admission Requirements
Scholarships & Financial Support
UTS : INSEARCH offers scholarship to support high achieving international students who are currently studying a UTS : INSEARCH Diploma and wish to complete their undergraduate study at UTS.
The scholarship is awarded twice a year to international students who can demonstrate high academic success and the motivation to succeed. The pathway scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition fees for the duration of the undergraduate course at UTS.
Why You Should Choose UTS: INSEARCH
UTS : INSEARCH is here to supports students to achieve academic and career goals.
Over 3,000 students from 75 various countries
come to UTS : INSEARCH every year to get prepared for their university life.

Students meet
highly qualified teachers and student advisers
who care deeply about their success. UTS : INSEARCH arrange
small classes to provide students personalized tuition
. Also students are possible to enjoy great facilities, well arranged learning resources and technology, libraries, social clubs, sports, events.

UTS : INSEARCH is constantly
investing in our programs and facilities
to provide better quality of high education for students.

The UTS : INSEARCH offers varieties of clubs and societies to join. Such as...
Three Campuses around the globe
Land: China
UTS Insearch
Land: Vietnam
Ho chi Minh City
UTS Insearch
Land: Australia NSW
UTS Insearch
The first Campus

Also there are GYM and Library nearby the Campus area.
3~4 minutes walking distance!!
Another Surprising fact :
Domestic Student Admission Requirements
A College that provide equal opportunities to every students from every part of the world.

The fEE-HELP scheme covers studies in all
UTS Foundation Studies
is a University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) program course, delivered by UTS : INSEARCH on behalf of UTS and is also approved for FEE-HELP.
The Financial fee-help is only available
for "domestic students".
Movie nights
Dance parties
Sports competitions
Language exchanges
Student council
UTS Union
Academic Supports
Prince center
large number of computer labs for students.
for English courses /IELTS Preparation.
Blue building
for Foundation studies and diploma.
Personal Assistance
Academic Advisers
Learning Assistance Sessions (LAS)
Study Skill Classes
L.A.S. are held Monday to Friday every week in every semesters
(from week3) The sessions are placed at Prince Centre and room
in the Blue Building from 5:30pm to 7:00pm .
There are studying areas in library which opens 24hours.
Students are possible to get support from academic advisers, when they have trouble with their studies. Academic Advisers are willing to help students with personal difficulties, coping strategies, assessing their progress, rules and procedures, time management, stress, depression and any other factors that may impact their studies.

Academic Advisers are located on Level 4 of the Blue Building from 8.30am-4.00pm, Monday-Friday. Students can either just drop in or make an appointment for a one-to-one consultation.

Students who need extra help for their study due to the
insufficient face-to-face time can access personal assistance
in the forms of small group tutorials with academic and
English language staff.
Special study skills classes are essential for managing
the study time and avoiding plagiarism in the assignments,
since experts provide aids directly.
Produced by
: Chris Kim, Emma Yu & Irene Kim
Where all began
Gym & Library
available for UTS students.
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