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Nelson Mandela & his journey to fix South Africa.

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Janieka Scott

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Nelson Mandela & his journey to fix South Africa.

Nelson Mandela & His Journey to Fix South Africa.
Why was Mandela imprisoned ?
Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years by the South African apartheid government. His crime? Standing up against a government that was committing egregious human rights abuses against black South Africans.
How were South Africans treated during the Apartheid ?
Anyone could be detained without a hearing by a low-level police official for up to six months. Thousands of individuals died in custody, frequently after gruesome acts of torture. Those who were tried were sentenced to death, banished, or imprisoned for life, like Nelson Mandela.

Who is Nelson Mandela ?
African National Congress

ANC is national liberation movement. ANC was formed in 1912 ,to unite African people & spearhead the struggle for fundamental politician,social, and economic change.For ten decades ANC has led the struggle against racism and oppression. Mandela Believed in the ideals that ANC stood for.
What was umkhonto wesizwe?
Umkhonto weSizwe ("Spear of the Nation") or 'MK' as it was more commonly known, was launched on the 16th December 1961.On the same day in 1838, the Afrikaners had defeated the Zulus at the Battle of the Blood River and it was perhaps significant that the armed struggle was launched on this particular day, more than one hundred years later. The formation of MK followed a series of events that made it necessary for the national liberation movements in South Africa to move towards a more significant challenge to the white minority government.
Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa. He was a symbol of global peacemaking, he won the Nobel Peace 1993.
Mandela was released from prison and with the ANC serving as the primary political party of the country’s non-white majority, apartheid appeared to be on its last legs. Nevertheless, as representatives of the ANC and the ruling National Party held often-contentious negotiations, government security forces collaborated with tribal nationalists to spread violence. Finally, the ANC and the National Party came to an agreement that a multiracial national election would be held. In April of 1994, Nelson Mandela—the ANC’s candidate—became to the first black president in South Africa’s history. This victory represented the official end of apartheid and a moment of major triumph for black South Africans
What ended the apartheid ?
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