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Inventing the President

No description

Hilda Gallardo

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Inventing the President

Inventing the President
1. What did the framers of the constitution have in mind for a president?

2. What qualities did they want in a president?

3. Why did they choose electors to choose the President instead of the people?
Formal Powers
The state of the union address is a formal power
in Article II Section 3.

Identify some of the topics featured in the last state of the union address.
Current Events

1. What incident did the President have to announce this morning?

2. Why are refugees from Syria, and some African countries risking their lives to head to Europe?

3. Presidential powers: Who did President Obama appoint and got the Senates consent to serve as Attorney General? What is this representative of?
Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase
Considered the greatest real estate
deal in history
Purchased from France for $15 million
Doubled the size of the US and
prompted Westward Expansion

Thomas Jefferson is by far the President that had the GREATEST IMPACT on Society?
Many people living in the US were granted many opportunities
Opened up new industries.
Made this treaty for the "greater good"
Warm Up: War Powers Act

1. When was the war powers passed?

2. What does the act require the president to do?

3. Why is it so controversial?
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