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Animal Cell & Lord of the Rings Analogy

No description

Riley Eckman

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Animal Cell & Lord of the Rings Analogy

Lord of the Rings and Animal Cell
Group Members: Riley Eckman
Section: 6C1

Cell Membrane
The cell membrane is like The Black Gate because it will only let in what will help the troll army in the same way as the cell membrane lets in all the good nutrients and materials that will help the cell.
The cytoplasm is like the Middle Earth ground because it is the space between the Black Gate and the Ring of Power and fights occur there in the same way as the cytoplasm is the space between the cell membrane and the nucleus and chemical reactions occur here.
The nucleus is like the Ring of Power because it controls all the smaller, less powerful rings that make up the council of rings in the same way as the nucleus controls the organelles that make up the cell.
The vacuole is like the Mines of Moria because it contains lots of monsters, gems, and treasures in the same way as the vacuole holds the water and food for the cell.
The mitochondria is like magic because magic is constantly powering the Ring of Power and the council of rings in the same way as the mitochondria conducts power for a cell.
The Black Gate
Middle Earth
The Ring of Power
The Mines of Moria
Gandalf the White
All pictures from
Work Cites
Lysosome is like Gandalf the White because he is constantly destroying monsters in the same way that the lysosomes breaks down and destroys waste and bad materials.
Thanks for Watching!
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