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E. Zee

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of Dundas

Major landmarks /
population locations
Dundas only has a couple of must see sights, but some things that many people stop by to see are Dundas Valley, the Old Railway Station, the many waterfalls scattered throughout the forest areas, and the handful of art museams.
Fun facts
Dundas was named after John Simcoe's friend Henry Dundas
Was formally named Coote's Paradise, which is now a hiking trail
Part of the Hamilton Wentworth Community in 1814
Dundas holds one of Ontario's oldest hotels {The Collins}.
Changes as Mayor
Inprove public transit and it's connection to City of Hamiltion and GO transit.
Inprove road access to area highways.
We would turn more of the rural land into farms for crops and cattle instead of leaving the land uninhabited but still leave alot of land for consevation areas.
Demographics and
No Religious Affiliation-19.83%
Other Religions- 6.04%.



By: Izabela and Chloe
There are also a couple of events that take place in Dundas throughout the years. These are the BuskerFest and the Catus festivals. The BuskerFest is a parade/festival that takes place in early June and promotes awareness towards epilepsy. The Catus Festival takes place in late August and continues for 3 days.

Introducing Dundas
We picked the City of Dundas for our geography project.
Dundas is a city located between Waterdown and Ancaster.
Dundas isn't a big city but it does have a handful of interesting areas.
The age characteristics of the population:
0-14 years- 18.29%
15-64 years- 63.53%,
65 years and over- 18.18%.
These are the results of a census conducted in 2001 towards religions and age groups in the Dundas area
Dundas is a clustered and liner city that is evenly split up between urban and rural areas.
Dundas has a dense population that has stayed in the high 24,000 for many years in a row, and has yet to raise or drop greatly. The population recorded in 2006 was 24,700 people.
If we were Mayors of Dundas, we would:
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