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Mary Higgins Clark

By: Gaby Gould

Gabrielle Gould

on 5 August 2012

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Transcript of Mary Higgins Clark

How to Write Successful Murder Mysteries By: Gaby Gould Thesis: Mary Higgins Clark has built a reputation on her ability to write murder mysteries by using a successful formula. Mary Higgins Clark Setting Cape Cod To set up her books Horrible Weather lonely beaches Good weather in the end theme song from jaws Themes: Murder at the start
Skipping a period of time
Another murder almost happens Murder from the start Gets the readers attention quickly
Starts off well/exciting keeps the reader interested keep the story at a fast pace Doesn't have to write about things that
are unimportant to the story Skipping a period of time A child was murdered
(Andrea) Very gruesome Her sister Ellie found her
cover in blood The murder that almost happens again Suprising

Live through it Never thought the other guy
was the murderer Murderers Believe they are unstoppable Stalk their victims They believe they are unstoppable Got way with murder once
another time won't be hard Police are ignorant They never catch on They enjoy killing By trying to kill again in
the end of each novel Murderers... The green river killer He killed at least 48 women and when questioned
he said he killed because he could. Stalking Looking in from a distance Can stalk from a good distance away
Keep their cover Know their victims Listening Device Don't have to see to know what
their victim is doing Taking Pictures I'll Be Seeing You Most common form How to get away with
Murder Pretend to be the Police Be a detective Change the way they look Mistakes The police get a big clue Gets the criminal caught No one is perfect Silly Mistakes Where are the Children The murderer was the wife's ex-husband Wanted to make Nancy miserable Everyone was blaming her till the mitten was found Locket He gave it to each of
his victims Had to go back and
get the locket off of
Andrea's body Trade Mark Something a murderer does repeatedly
which makes him different than other murderers Just Take My Heart Planted yellow mums all along
his driveway. This was one of the
only things this murderer would
leave behind. Happy Ending Because of all the sadness and death
in her books she needed to have a
happy ending to balance out her novels 3 main types included
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