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Workforce Analytics


Sergio Maldonado

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Workforce Analytics

Uses to HR
Metrics and Analytics
Challenges and Considerations
Data Consistency
System Integration
Information Accessibility
Analytic Capabilities of End Users
What is WA?
Workforce analytics is the combination of software and methodology that measure the workforce performance based on the data collected from multiple sources.
Real Life Dilemma
Ramp up
Data on Workforce
Make decisions
Easily Interpretable Reports
Customizable graphs and interface
Concrete, fact-based, single-view of people side of Organization
80,000 employees
Plan Demand
Plan Skill Set
Predict Requirements
Forecast workload
Supply of people to fulfill demand
Hire skilled workforce
Forecast skill set for animation development/ new technologies
Workforce Analytics
Anjali Sood
Elham Mohammad Pour
Sergio Maldonado
Shymaa Slangor

What do we need to know to tackle the issue?
What data/reports/measures are available (or needed)?
What actions could we take based on the insights?
What can we deduct from the data?
What might be the results of those actions?
Human Capital Facts
Enterprise level data
Head Count
Analytical HR
Specific department data
Segments of data
Specific Training
Human Capital Investment
Investment v. Results

Actions that boost business performance
Talent Supply Chain
Real time information
Real time decisions
Talent Value Model
Employees as internal clients
What do employees value the most?
Workforce Forecast
Predict events before happening
Labor availability
Simple (broad)
Sophisticated (specific)
Define workforce challenges
Identify data requirements
Define a common platform
User friendly platform
Enhance HR Analytic Capacity
Part of ‘Oracle BI Applications’ Pack

Provides different dashboards to analyze:
Workforce Profile
HR Performance
Learning Enrollment and Completion
Oracle HR Analytics
IBM Workforce Analytics
IBM Survey Analytics
Survey Platform and reports
IBM Retention Analytics
Identifies key drivers and actions to retain certain talents.
Cloud Computing
Monthly, Yearly Fees
Automated Updates
Global access to reports and data
Sophisticated Workforce Analysis
Cost effective
Fast flow of information
Global Services
Consulting LLP
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What is the approach for analyzing the available data?
Time to Fill Jobs
Cost of Hire
Absence rate
Involuntary Separation
Voluntary Separation
Examples of
Uses of workforce analytics and metrics have a wide range of applications and use for HR. However:

There is a need of strong HRIS system to provide correct and useful data needed for workforce analytics

The cost of deploying an analytics system may be a barrier to adoption

There is a need to integrate Workforce analytic data with existing CRM, ERP and Financial Systems

Complete recovery of investment in a workforce analytics solution depends on the success of decisions and strategy that are based on it

There is tremendous scope for advancing existing workforce analytics methods by using newer data mining and predictive analytical techniques

Use of workforce analytics should move from gaining insight into workforce to comparative analysis and strategic decision making
Thank you - Q/A
: Competing on Talent Analytics.
Harvard Business Review
Full transcript