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Raelyn Sanders

No description

Pete Regeski

on 26 January 2018

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Transcript of Raelyn Sanders

Dogs have been bred for many purposes.
direct quote:
"Huskies were developed as working
sled dogs over thousands of years by
the Chukchi people living in the
Siberian peninsula of northeast Asia"
In world war ii Siberian sled dogs
were used for arctic search and
rescue of downed pilots and cargo
by the u.s. army ("Paddock").
direct quote:
"the English pointer has a behavioral
quirk that compels it to find prey animals,
but instead of hunting them it stops and
aims its muzzle at its quarry" ("Nosowitz")

very specific information:
by roman times they made rough groupings
around specific dogs: guard dogs, herding
dogs, and hunting dogs ("Nosowitz")
direct quote:
"with teams of 20 dogs pulling their
sleds out onto the ice in their search
for food, the Chukchi relied on the
dogs for survival" ("Paddock")
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