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Cartoons And

No description

Hunter Ault

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Cartoons And

What you should do to prevent issues
Reason 1 Adolescence viewing cartoons without limits create health issues

Kids who watch cartoons are going to disobey, argue, and pay no attention to playmates .
Reason 3
Reason 2
Aggressive cartoons persuade children in the wrong way
Cartoons And Restrictions
By: Hunter Ault

1. Adolescents viewing cartoons without limits create health issues.
2. Tougher restrictions on violent cartoons is necessary.
3. Children imitate bad situations observed in cartoons.
Many cartoons portray jumping, diving, and falling from high heights as being safe.
Kids imitate bad situations observed in cartoons
What's Your Favorite Cartoon?
Cartoon violence makes children more physically aggressive.
Animated shows aimed at youngsters often have more brutality than programs broadcast for general audiences.
*Many people like cartoon violence.
A 10 year old boy imitated the cartoon character named Narudo. Codey and his friends imitated one of Narudo's stunts. Tragically, he died from duplicating the cartoon by being put head first into 1 foot sand.
National Health Institute proved kids who mimic cartoon characters were less likely to be helpful in real life accidents.
Adolescences viewing cartoons without limits create health issues
Watching cartoons gives children a 30-40% risk of getting attention deficit disorder.
Eye fatigue is a problem for kids who watch cartoons to close to the tv and who sit in a dark room.
Children who watch fast paced cartoons are slower thinkers than those who watch slow paced cartoons, experts tested this by using 60 students.

* Do not watch too much cartoon violence
* Preview TV shows from a safe distance
* Do not imitate cartoons
* Parental guidance is suggested

I'm Done!
Imitating cartoons creates a great sense of humor.
Aggressive cartoons persuade children in the wrong way.

*Make believe violence is okay for children.
Most children cannot differentiate between make believe and real life, which can lead to disastrous consequences.
*Tom and Jerry, the cartoon, has displayed some of the best cartoon violence in the history of animation.

Children are more likely to have mental and emotional problems, as well as brain and eye injuries from watching too much cartoons on television. Unexpectedly the risk of a physical problem will increase.
* Children learn educational material from cartoons.
Rebuttal: Children mimic the negative behaviour they see on TV.
Rebuttal: In the world of cartoon physics, there are no hospital bills, no scars, no dismemberment, and no hangovers.
Rebuttal: Be very aware of the hidden dangers of so called "children's" cartoons. Several years ago a seven year old little boy pushed his five year old sister off a cliff saying "She will bounce back up just like in the cartoon." Another eight year old boy hung his sister from a rope in the closet at their home because he had seen it in a cartoon and everything turned out fine.

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