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Research Proposal

No description

Erëza Haziri

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of Research Proposal

children Mental Abuse
"Is it hidden

Student: Erëza Haziri
South East European University
CST Faculty - Business Informatics
Course: Research Methodologies in Business
Supervisor: Vladimir Radevski
Research Objectives
" This geographical area has been chosen
because it is a small town, easier to get
correct conclusions and the population
is of similar mindset. "
I intend to demonstrate how strongly children are affected by words coming from adults, perhaps as strong as actions themselves.
I will also try to demonstrate the consequences of this impact on children that adults possess and find a solution that will be favorable for both parts.

- Examine assumptions that children abuse is real mostly
on families that are going/have been through difficulties
- Identify general characteristics of children,
- State a conclusion about mental abuse on children and declare whether it is or it is not a form of hidden violence.
- Find a solution that can be of general use to all children, to find their real selves without parents telling them what to be.

1. Review literature previously written about how children’s
minds are affected from other people’s opinions and words,
and how they react towards them, in order to develop
research hypothesis.
2. Do a primary research in Presheva, Serbia, to assess
the opinions of children/teens on how their life decisions
have been affected by the intervention of their
parents / relatives / other supervising adult.

With the use of a questionnaire, containing
questions of perhaps similar appearance, but
which will lead to different hypothesis, a conclusion
will be looked for.
The questionnaire will be distributed among
teenagers / middle school pupils (of age 10-17;
age of puberty) in Presheva.
November 1 – 15: Literature Review
November 15 – 30: Data collection from literature
December 1 – 10: Questionnaire preparation
and distribution
December 10 – 20: Analyzing data (questionnaire
December 20 – 31: Final writing of project report

Health Line. 2015. Child Emotional/Psychological
Abuse [ONLINE] Available at:
[Accessed 27 November 2016].
Research Questions
- What’s the distinction between a child’s mind
from that of an adult?
- Are children really affected by words from adults or they just don’t care?
- How do words, weightless and untouchable, give so much pressure?
- Do children think or do adults think for them?
- Are their college choices and career goals what they really want, or have they been chosen for them?
- Can a common solution or a common language be found between children and parents that are still struggling to find themselves?
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