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Valley Center Orientation

new student orientation

Georgia Helen

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Valley Center Orientation

Your education is a foundation for your future
You can do it!
Winter Quarter
GED Overview
Meet our team. Roberta cares about you and your future success.

Everyone is welcome. We'd love to learn about you and your goals.
Valley Center Orientation
We are open from Sept 22-Dec 11, Monday
through Thursday, 8:00am - 2:00pm.

Complete all steps for Enrollment and ask about
seeing a counselor to support your learning goals

Please sign in when you come to class and sign out
when you leave to get credit for your attendance. (
Incentive Program

We want to keep in touch with you, so please call us
if you will be gone a week or more. 443 5508
GED preparation (one-on-one help and full class schedule)
High School Completion
Computer skills and certificates
Read Right
I-BEST referrals--Professional Business Tech, Medical Legal/Office, Automotive - See Val for details
College Prep referrals
Contact information for apprenticeship programs (Union/non-union)
Counselor referrals
Financial aid paperwork for college (FAFSA)
GED stands for the General Educational Development Test.
The GED Test provides a basis for a high school equivalency diploma.
The GED Test is divided into four sub-tests:

Language Arts, Reading
Social Studies

You are ready to Enroll
The center is a part of Spokane Community College
and the Community Colleges of Spokane

By being here, you have taken a bold leap into your future.
It took courage and Roberta looks forward to supporting your goals.
High School Completion
A High School Completion Certificate is available for students within 3 credits or less from High School graduation.

If you are eligible for High School Completion, we will help you have a transcript sent from your last high school to a counselor at the college for evaluation.

If you are HSC, the minimum requirement is ½ credit (30 hours) each six weeks to continue in the program. However, you are encouraged to come more often.
Community Agreements:
*Parking: Please avoid parking in front of neighboring businesses, west of our classroom door and park in front of the classroom or to the east or anywhere in the large parking lot instead.

*Smoking: Please smoke at the far east end of building under the carport and please do not smoke or loiter anywhere on the sidewalk or in front of neighboring businesses.

*Kitchen: Please utilize the kitchen and refrigerator and please help us keep the kitchen clean. Feel free to use the kitchen when you want to take a break or socialize. (We encourage donations for coffee, supplies, etc. There is a coffee can in the kitchen or see Val.) Be sure to check out the employment opportunities bulletin board in the kitchen. (It’s updated every other week.) Please, no food or drinks in the computer lab.

*Phones, Mp3 players, Ipods, etc.: Please support other learners and help them concentrate by being mindful of volume and using vibrate. Please use the kitchen or hallways for conversations.

*Restrooms: The center has restrooms past JoAnn's office - please use ours instead of the one for the ESL groups.

*Drug and Alcohol free: Please be mindful that the use or possession of drugs or alcohol are not permitted on the premises.

*Safe Environment: Please be respectful, everyone one is welcome. Please see us if you feel you are not respected or experience harassment. Everyone should feel safe.

*Materials: Please help us take good care of the packets and books and please return any materials after you’ve used them.Please see JoAnn to check out any materials you want to take for practice at home. (All practice test materials must stay at the center.)
You are Empowered Leaders and Learners
Take charge of your future and your learning
by taking diagnostic placement tests in order
to design a schedule and study plan for
mastering the skills you need to earn your
GED or High School Completion Certificate.

We have a template to help you organize your
plans for study and we can help you analyze
the skills you need to master.

We can help connect you with counselors and
resources for taking the next step in your career and education. Just ask! You are in charge.
Tuition/Registration fee: $25 each quarter.
Fill out a funding worksheet for financial assistance. (Regular attendance is required if you receive a tuition waiver.)
You must bring in your High School release form if you are under 19 years old.
For each year you attend, fill out a FERPA (Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) form. By law, we cannot divulge any information about you or your status in our program to anyone who contacts us about you unless this form is completed. If you want your privacy protected, leave most of the form blank.
GED Testing - You're in Charge

Vicki will help enrolled IEL students (you) to schedule your a test through the Internet. It's your choice whether you'd like to schedule either one or two tests at a time and it's your choice which ones you'll take and the order in which you'd like to take them.

You pay for each test as you take each. Tests are $30.00 each in cash, check, money order as well as debit or credit cards.

Practice tests are also available to take for $4.00 if you are a registered SCC student, $6.00 if you are not.

A current state-issued picture identification is required to take each GED test. You can use a current Washington State driver’s license, a Washington State ID card, or an official ID from another state. You will also need to take your Social Security card with you if you don’t have your Social Security number memorized.

No refunds for missed tests. Doing tests on a walk-in basis is best.

All GED tests are taken at the Magnuson Building. Please see us for maps and directions.
When you are ready, you will need to do a few things to ensure the opportunity to take any/all of the 4 GED tests:
*See Vicki for enrollment and guidelines for participating in online trainings and resources at the center.

*Please use the public space of the lab for your learning and avoid viewing inappropriate sites that are not permissible at the center.

*If you are an online learner or would like to practice online lessons, we have GED software available.

*Beginning, intermediate, and advanced certificates in Keyboarding (typing) are also available if you choose to work on that skill. We encourage you to do so!

*The lab offers Microsoft Office application tutorials in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access

*There are also resources and support available for writing Resumes, Cover Letters, and conducting Job Searches.

*To explore career opportunities, the lab has a great Washington Occupational Interest Survey you can utilize.
Computer Lab Resources
Your goals matter!
Come often and regularly.
Bring food and anything you need to concentrate and learn.
Let us know what how we can support your learning.
Your goals matter!
Come often and regularly.
Bring food and anything you need to concentrate and learn.
Let us know what how we can support your learning.
Roberta can help prepare you for a GED certificate
or a high school diploma in a setting

traditional and alternative high school programs.
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