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Charles de Calonne

No description

Bailey Waush

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Charles de Calonne

Charles de Calonne http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Alexandre_de_Calonne

created a new financail plan for the country
created a new land tax system thing, also a rationalizing reform
found debts of 133 million levres 'cause of the invlovment in the American Revolution
in october 1785 he reconied the gold coinage and created the caisse d'escompte (dealing in cash discounts)
his reform package consisted of 5 major points:
1) cut Government Spending
2) create a revival of free trade methods
3) authorize the sale of Church property
4) equalization of salt and tobacco taxes
5) establish a universal land tax

Death year-1802
controller general of finances 1783-1787
I LOVE YOU http://www.questia.com/library/encyclopedia/calonne_charles_alexandre_de.jsp
adopted spending policy
proposed direct alnd tax, stamp tax, then the reduction of some privileges of the nobles and clergy
To gain support, Calonne had King Louis XVI call an Assembly of Notables, but the Assembly (1787) refused to consider Calonne's proposals and criticized him bitterly.
Dismissed and replaced by Étienne Charles Loménie de Brienne, Calonne fled (1787) to England, where he stayed until 1802

20 different paths/facts MINIMUM http://www.1911encyclopedia.org/Charles_Alexandre_De_Calonne
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