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Networked Spaces, Emerging Communities

P2P cities, open source cities, commons cities, hybrid cities, platform cities, crowd sourced cities, transmedia cities

Futura Media

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Networked Spaces, Emerging Communities

Networked spaces / Emerging communities by Bernardo Gutiérrez
@bernardosampa What if cities were a peer-to-peer network based
on a human distributed hardware? P2P Cities «Our bodies are hardware, our behaviour software» Ted Nelson 1. Foto Inicial: Social Cities


-Acampada Sol: http://madrid.tomalaplaza.net/
Foto acampada Sol. Flickr: Gaelx (CC): http://www.flickr.com/photos/gaelx/5740919669/in/photostream/
-El Campo de Cebada. http://elcampodecebada.org/
-Super Bench / Zuloark
-Asamblea Lavapiés
Foto asamblea Lavapiés. Sin: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dnlb2/5768244401/
The city as archive, hardware, method:


-Festival Baixo Centro. http://baixocentro.org/
Foto Fora do Eixo (CC): Foto Flick (CC): http://www.flickr.com/photos/foradoeixo/7482441372/sizes/z/in/photostream/

-BubbleWare http://www.spontaneousinterventions.org/project/bubbleware
-Esto es una plaza. http://estaesunaplaza.blogspot.com.br/
-Portoalegre.cc. www.portoalegre.cc

-Urban Versioning System 1.0.1 - Usman Haque-Mattew Fuller. http://uvs.propositions.org.uk/uvsshortver.htmlhttp://uvs.propositions.org.uk/uvsshortver.html
-Banco Guerrilla. http://www.todoporlapraxis.es/?p=168
-Copyleft parliament (Futura Media+Estúdio Nómade+Snarkrive project (in few days in futuramedia.net)

-Wiki-Brest: http://www.wiki-brest.net/index.php/Accueil
-Data Citizen Driven City: http://trecedejunio.com/?p=871
-The City Vendor Project. http://streetvendor.org/

MVRDV. Almedere World
-Bristol Rising. http://bristolrising.com/
-#Festival132 http://bandtastic.me/132/
-Againts Kickstarter urbanism http://observatory.designobserver.com/feature/against-kickstarter-urbanism/34008/
-The power of a ping pong table http://ht.ly/aRbrI

-Twettometro Yes We Camp: http://www.platoniq.net/yeswecamp/
Wall People Ecce Homo: http://wallpeople.org/index.php/homenaje-a-ecce-homo/

This is now http://now.jit.su/
Canal Motoboy
http://www.megafone.net/SAOPAULO Super Bench Budapest-Madrid Acampada Sol Madrid P2P Cities El campo de cebada Madrid «The political purchase of an assembly in public space is its status as urban open hardware» Alberto Corsin & Adolfo Estalella Asamblea Lavapiés Madrid What if cities were built as a neutral platform,
as a democratic bottom up web platform? The city as a platform «What if we connect virtual networks with a physical, empty, free space?» Francesco Cingolami BubleWare Austin Baixo Centro São Paulo The city as a platform Esto es una plaza Madrid «Make it simple. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read» Leo Burnett Portoalegre.cc Porto Alegre What if cities had an open source ground to be co-written, co-created and co-remixed? Open source cities «An interesting consequence of the kinds of collaboration has been that enemies find themselves working on the same project» Usman Haque & Matthew Fuller Urban Versioning System 1.0.1 Worldwide Banco guerrilla Madrid Open source cities «Openness is a concept that joins a constellation of definitions of horizontal structures: distributed, cosmopolitan and meritocratic» Antonio Lafuente #VdB Madrid Copyleft parliament Worldwide Commons cities Wiki-Brest Brest (France) The Street Vendor Project New York Data Citizen Driven City Madrid «(OWS) converts public space into a political commons by putting human bodies in that place» David Harvey What if cities were crowd sourced places
ruled by collective intelligence? «City is not a finished book, but people’s language» Henri Lefebvre Crowd sourced cities Almere Oosterwold Holland Bristol Rising USA #Festival132 México DF What if cities become an hybrid spatial experience
of encounters among network users? Hybrid cities

«The exploration in new forms, codes, languages allow us to imagine new landscapes that generate new emancipatory territories» Fran Castillo #Stopredadas Madrid Tweetometro Spain #WallPeopleEcceHomo Barcelone What if cities were made of media buildings, real time data and geolocated subjetive information? Transmedia cities «A media building is a building that houses information rather than habitation» Paul Virilio This is now Worldwide Canal Motoboy São Paulo Bernardo Gutiérrez
bernardo@futuramedia.net futuramedia.net References P2P Cities -Francesco Cingolani presentation. Space Emergenc (e) (y) http://issuu.com/immaginoteca/docs/space_emergence
-ACAMPADA SOL http://madrid.tomalaplaza.net/
Foto: Flickr: Gaelx (CC): http://www.flickr.com/photos/gaelx/5740919669/in/photostream/
-EL CAMPO DE CEBADA. http://elcampodecebada.org/
-SUPER BENCH / Zuloark
Foto SinSistema (CC) http://www.flickr.com/photos/dnlb2/5768244401/
-The city as archive, hardware, method:
http://www.prototyping.es/15m/assembling-neighbours-the-city-as-archive-hardware-method Platform Cities Open Source Cities Commons cities Crowd sourced cities Hybrid Cities Transmedia Cities
-FESTIVAL BAIXO CENTRO. http://baixocentro.org/
Foto Fora do Eixo (CC) http://www.flickr.com/photos/foradoeixo/7482441372/sizes/z/in/photostream/
-BUBBLEWARE http://www.spontaneousinterventions.org/project/bubbleware
-ESTO ES UNA PLAZA http://estaesunaplaza.blogspot.com.br/
-PORTOALEGRE.CC. www.portoalegre.cc -URBAN VERSIONING SYSTEM 1.0.1. Usman Haque-Mattew Fuller. http://uvs.propositions.org.uk/uvsshortver.htmlhttp://uvs.propositions.org.uk/uvsshortver.html
-#VdB http://www.paisajetransversal.org/2012/02/vdb-caracteristicas-del-espacio-publico.html
-COPYLEFT PARLIAMENT (Futura Media+Estúdio Nómade+Snarkrive project (in few days in futuramedia.net) -WIKI-BREST: http://www.wiki-brest.net/index.php/Accueil
-DATA CITIZEN DRIVEN CITY: http://trecedejunio.com/?p=871
http://streetvendor.org/ -MVRDV. ALMEDERE WORLD
-BRISTOL RISING http://bristolrising.com/
-#FESTIVAL132 http://bandtastic.me/132/
-Againts Kickstarter urbanism http://observatory.designobserver.com/feature/against-kickstarter-urbanism/34008/
-The power of a ping pong table
http://ht.ly/aRbrI -#STOPREDADAS: http://lavapies.tomalosbarrios.net/tag/stopredadas/
-TWETTÓMETRO YES WE CAMP http://www.platoniq.net/yeswecamp/
-WALL PEOPLE ECCE HOMO http://wallpeople.org/index.php/homenaje-a-ecce-homo/ -THIS IS NOW http://now.jit.su/
http://www.megafone.net/SAOPAULO -Space of flows: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_of_flows -Cibridism (portuguese) http://www.slideshare.net/marthagabriel/cibridismo-o-fim-da-vida-off-line-por-martha-gabriel What if cities were ruled by the commons? What if public space did not belong to city halls but to all of us?
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