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venn diagram

venn diagram of the 504 plan, IFSP, and IEP

Stacy Coins

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of venn diagram

Venn Diagram Stacy Coins
Tues/Thus 12-1:15
SPE - 222
Due: 9-20-2012 IEP
•Document for students ages 3-21
•Needs to be in effect at the beginning of the school year
•Reviewed and revised at least once a year
•Focus on special education and related services in schools
•The IEP Team, including the parents and a general education teacher, must develop the written document based on a comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation. IFSP
•Document for children ages 0-2
•Describes the service both the child and family will receive
•Gets the family more involved with info on how the family, with the help of professionals can help the child reach the goals set out to reach
•Should be developed within 45 days of referral and reviewed at 6 month intervals and every year thereafter
•Requires more comprehensive test over 5 areas of developments 504 plan
•Eligibility for a 504 plan requires a physical or mental disability which substantially limits at
least one major life activity i.e. walking, writing, speaking, eating
•Ensures that a child with a disability has equal access to an education.
•This can be applied to people who have ADHD for an example
•Dose not require schools to accommodate the child unique disabilities
•Dose not have many safe guards against opposition IEP/504 plan similarity
•Both plans can provide the student with certain accommodations and modification to allow a disabled child to be more successful in school.
•Related services can be provided for students on either plan
•Neither plan requires the student to have a change of placement. IFSP/IEP similarity
•Individualized education for each student with a disability
•Developed collaboratively by the same people involved in the evaluation
•Outcome oriented (include goals/objectives)
•Provide the foundation for the student’s appropriate education 504/IFSP similarity
•Both require the individual to have a disability with being able to do normal activities without having difficulties IFSP/504/IEP similar
•They all support a child who has special needs that hinder them from fully utilizing their potential based on complications that they are either born with or develop through their course of development. IEP IFSP 504 plan Bibliography SPE222 Class Notes
Kansas Special Education Process Handbook(2008). Comparison of Individualized Family Service Plan(IFSP) and the Individualized Education Program(IEP) Content.
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Turnbull, A., Turnbull, R,. & Wehmeyer, & Shogren, K.A.(2013). Exceptional lives: Special education in today’s schools(7th ed.).Columbus, OH Pearson.
Val D’Amato(2004). Individual education plans (IEPs) and 504 plans.
West Virginia Early Childhood Transition Steering Committee. Individualized Family Service Plan(IFSP) And Individualized Education Program (IEP) A Comparison of Program Components.(2000) WV.
Venn Diagram Assignment
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