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examples of chemical energy

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izaiah pinedo

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of examples of chemical energy

examples of chemical energy
Chemical energy is energy stored in bonds of compunds (atoms and molecules). It is released in a chemical reaction, often producing heat as a by product (Exothermic Reaction). batteries, biomass, petroleum, natural gas and coal are examples of stored chemical energy.
How chemical energy works
chemical energy has bonds and when the bonds are broken, the potential energy is released in the form of kinetic energy or energy of motion or heat or non usable energy. The kinetic energy is used to do work, Such as contract our muscles.
Chemical Energy Project By:
Izaiah Pinedo and Nick Nelson

What we chemical energy is used for
The most common use for chemical energy is the food we consume to generate enough energy for us to work, live, think, etc.
Our topic is Chemical Energy and Chemical Potential Energy
We chose this topic because we learned about Chemical Energy and Chemical Potential Energy during the end of 3rd Quarter.
Examples of Chemical Potential Energy
Chemical Potential Energy is energy that is stored in atoms and the bonds between atoms and can be released by various chemical reactions. An example that most people are familiar with is the energy released when fossil fuels such as gasoline are burned
How Chemical Potential Energy works
What we use Chemical Potential Energy for
Chemical Potential Energy is energy that is stored up and ready to be used in the future, because it has the potential (or ability) to do something useful later on. An object usually has potential energy because a force has moved it to a different position or changed it in some other way. When an object releases it stored potential energy, this energy is converted into a different form of energy.
We use chemical potential energy to do work such as moving our muscles so we can move and go place. We also use chemical potential energy for harvesting energy like a particle accelerator. A particle accelerator makes the 2 particles go faster and faster then they collide and disperse their energy then we harvest the energy.
In conclusion we cannot live without chemical energy or chemical potential energy. We use that energy to move and live. we use chemical energy to power our bodies.
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