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Bay of Pigs Invasion

CIA trained Cuban revolutionist exiles to invaded Cuba and over throw Castro's government. April 14th-20th, 1961

Caymen Jones

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Bay of Pigs Invasion

BAY OF PIGS INVASION By Kyle Disslekoen and Caymen Jones The CIA's plan to overthrow Fidel Castro
The CIA plans an invasion of Cuba to overthrow Castro's government The CIA trained Cuban exile revolutionists in military tactics and gave them arms The attack was carried out under JFK's administration though it was planned in Eisenhower's They had little success and some of the US planes were destroyed A 1297 troop invasion of the Bay of Pigs occured on April 17, 1961 More US planes flew in, but were flown by inexperienced exiles and shot down The invaders did not get support from the people and were surrounded by Castro's army Library.thinkquest.org www.jfklibrary.org www.gwu.edu By Kyle Disselkoen and Caymen Jones American bombers disguised as Cuban planes tried to destroy Castro's planes The troops would land in Cuba and meet up with others who wanted to overthrow Castro Many exiles were captured, with 200 exiles and 156 Cubans dead The Bay of Pigs was a failed mission by the US and ruined relations with Cuba The US was willing to intervene with goverments of other coiuntries using secret methods America's attempt to overthrow Castro's government was one of America's worst diplomatic incidents
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