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Top 5 music festivals in the world

No description

Alejandra Louro Peteiro

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Top 5 music festivals in the world

Top 5 music festivals in the world
Made by Estefanía Maldonado, Nuria Ros y Alejandra Louro
-It takes place in Somersate, UK.
-It's a festival of three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, of the last weekend of June.
-You will like this festival if you are: ageing hippies, middle managers who work in the public sector, old-school socialists.
-It has some outdoors activities.
-Musical line-up goes from pop to reggae, to rock to dubster to metal to folk to techno.

-It takes place in Castellón, Spain.
-It's a festival celebrated on third weekend of July.
-This festival makes this year 20 editions since the first celebration.
-This festival it's for: insoniacs, beach enthusiacs, people who look atractive (or at least passable) naked, suntan lotion salesmen.
-Music never stops in this three days.
-The type of music which sounds hear is: indie, rock, indie pop and electronic.
-It takes place in Belgium, though it's celebrated in Brazil and the USA too.
-It's a festival that lasts three days, celebrated in July.
-Every year there's more than 75 nacionalities.
-The decoration of the place is something incredible, like a fairytail.
-The people stay in DreamVille.
-It takes place in Indio, California.
-It lasts 2 weekends of April.
-This is a festival for: Sun lovers, celebrities, fashion bloggers
-It started in 1999.
-It mixes rock with electronic alternative.

Golden Plains
-It takes place in Victoria, Australia.
-It has been celebrated since 2007.
-It's held over three days during the Victoria's Labour Day, in March.
-This festival if heaven for: Nostalgic hippies and electric indie kids.
-The music that sounds here is rock and folk.
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