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06.02 19th Century Changes: The Industrial Revolution

Choose one innovation or technological breakthrough of the Industrial Revolution and summarize both the positive and negative impacts it had on society. Then, you will create a Web 2.0 presentation to demonstrate what you’ve learned.

Alvin Jiju

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of 06.02 19th Century Changes: The Industrial Revolution

Increased Production Factories produce more stuff in less time for the increased demand of
the growing population. Job Availability As you can see in the picture above, One positive effect of factory system is that more people get work. Although, its purpose was to reduce labor, people are needed to operate machineries. Many other factories use labor too. Even though factories offer a lot of work,
workers are paid little wages. Injuries
happen almost everyday by getting
caught in machinery, and not having
proper safety. Summary + Increased production help socially by giving people affordable stuff, economically by putting more stuff on market. Job Availability help socially, economically and politically as it means in the name. More jobs are available. Pollution One major negative impact of factory system is the increased amount of pollution. Factories pollute atmosphere and water that makes the life of Earth threatening. +Positive and -Negative Effects + Factory System Alvin Jiju 3/7/2013
World History Honors
Assignment: 06.02 19th Century Changes: The Industrial Revolution. - The End Purpose of Factory System Factory System was adopted in England for the first time during Industrial Revolution. Its purpose was to use machinery and produce stuff on a large scale, decrease labor work, and provide cheaper stuff. Little Wages and Injuries - Pollution is a major problem that our environment is hurt everyday. It is a major social problem that we may return back to the beginning of Earth someday. Lack of proper safety and Little wages can be a hurt socially and economically. People need more money to survive in this modern world.
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