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Chapter 5

No description

Taylor Bialas

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 5

Classroom Integration vs. Computer labs & Media Centers
Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
Integrating Technology Effectively with Welliver's Instructional Transformation Model
What I learned & how I will apply it
Strategies for Integrating Technology into Teaching
Barriers to Technology Integration
Teachers can schedule time in computer labs or use them for small-group activities or individual-centered learning
Computer labs and media centers are easier to maintain and conntect to school network when installed in the same location
Research does show that computers and related technologies are more effective when placed in the classroom

This chapter was very informational and helpful for me on learning how to integrate many different types of technologies into my future classroom. What I found most important in this chapter was the section about planning lessons with technology because I will definitely be doing that as a future teacher. I liked how this section gave many different ideas on how to plan, for example, with the KWL charts. I also found the section about classroom centers to be very helpful because I have observed in a classroom that used centers and really liked the idea and will use that in my classroom as well. Before I read this chapter I was a little bit stressed out about the idea of appropriately using technology in my curriculum, but after I read it I have a much better understanding on how to do it!
With the right approach, educators can integrate technologies such as computers, CDs, DVDs, digital cameras, application software, digital media applications and devices, e-books and electronic references, netbook computers, iPods, and the Web into almost any classroom situation
That being said, for technology to enhance student learning it must be integrated appropriately into the curriculum by identifying what you are trying to accomplish
- Teachers become aware of technology and its potential uses
-Teachers use technology but minor problems will cause them to discontinue use
-Technology becomes essential for the educational process and teachers are constantly thinking of ways to use technology in their classrooms
-Teachers begin to rethink he educational goals of the classroom with the use of technology
-The evolving classroom becomes completely integrated with technology in all subject areas. Technology becomes an invisible tool that is seamlessley woven into the teaching and learning process
Put the technology into the hands of trained teachers
Make is easily accessible
Let the teachers decide how best to use it at the point of instruction in their classrooms
Educators can prepare for the use of technology by attending a mentorship program, which teams new or novice teachers with experienced teachers to encourage new teachers to learn the integration process
The school district can also make a technology plan to outline the district's goals and strategies for using and maintaining equipment and training teachers on how to integrate technologies into teaching
lack of teacher training
Security constraints that impede instructional strategies
lack of administration support
limited time for teacher planning
computer placement in remote locations making access difficult
budget constraints
lack of high-speed school networks
basic resistance to change by many educators
Technology, Digital Media, and Curriculum Integration
By: Taylor Bialas
Chapter 5
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