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Blackboard Ideas Color - 54818

Available at Prezzip.com Blackboard Ideas Color prezi template.

Your Prezis

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of Blackboard Ideas Color - 54818

Separate elements
Hands and Feet
Making it Happen
Writing a sustainable scheulde
You want to know what?
Running the Store Model
keep the dialogue
Taking out the trash
Have a break
The Call!
Week at a Glance
Excellance in Operatioins

• 80% of the time on the floor (in the circle)
o Having fun (let them see it)
• Watch people, products and place
o No unanswered questions
o No food left on counter
o Coffee always ready
o No dirty tables

Getting the Cluck Right
ET phone home
The Talk


• Callback for items:
o ICPs
o Ticket Times
o Other items
o Dishes or trash need to be emptied
• Standardized sign language
• Watch Conditions:
o Table, chairs, floor
o Coffees (cashier should check it first when no one in line)
o Dish bin area


• Watch people
o Staff: Cashier
• Welcoming new guest
• Ticket Time
• Next five things to do
o Guest:
• Look at eyes
• Welcome each one
• Thank each one when leaving
• Look for reasons to WOW or ICP

• Take action by moving people
o Four people in line
o Coffees out
o Tickets at 10 minutes
o Tables dirty
o Floor needs to be swept
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