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No description

Ashley Orr

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of I AM SAM

I am Sam took place in the late 1990's and early 2000's, it is a story about a man by the name of Sam Dawson who has the mental capacity of a 7 year old. He impregnates a homeless women and they have a daughter named Lucy. As Lucy grows up she becomes more educated than her father that causes the roles to reverse. The authorities decide to take her away and Sam gets a high priced lawyer for probono named Rita Harrison. Sam teaches Rita all about love and how that's all you really need.
Plot of I am Sam
Weakest Issues
When Lucy is reading her book from school and she knows how to read it but she doesn't want too because he dad can't
When Sam teaches Rita that it isn't all about money it's about loving your child and being there that helps your child be successful
When Sam finally gets Lucy back, he is an active part of her life
Major points of the film
Presented through one flashback and the rest was sequential
How was the story presented?
2. When Rita agreed to represent Sam
It changed everything
He had a chance to get Lucy back
Sam wouldn't of grown as a person
Outcome probably would of been different
Minor points of the film
Specific scenes befitting the development
Everyone judged and stereotyped Sam before they got to know him
Strongest Issues
#1: Do you think Lucy should be raised by her Father or by a Foster family?

#2: Would you embrace having a Father like Sam or would you find it difficult?
By: Ashley, Molly and Ashley

Sean Penn AKA Sam Dawson
Dakota Fanning AKA Lucy Dawson
Michelle Pfeiffer AKA Rita Harrison
Dianne Wiest AKA Annie Cassell
Loretta Devine AKA Margaret Calgrove
Brad Silverman AKA Brad Silverman
Joseph Rosenberg AKA Joe
Stanley DeSantis AKA Robert
Doug Hutchison AKA Ifty
Main character/Movie named after him
Unspecified development disability
IQ of a seven year old
Has a daughter named Lucy
Lucy is Sam's Daughter
She is very intelligent
Lives in a Foster home
She always sneaks out to visit her dad in the middle of the night for comfort
She doesn't want any other parent
A very hyper man
Struggles with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Remembers dates and celebrities
Always relates his life back to movies
Very smart in certain areas
Struggles with down syndrome
Very outgoing
Enjoys video game night
He is very childish made
He is infactuated with girls
Gets embarrassed when he talks and is sometimes shy
Sams attorney (probono)
At first wasn't going to be his lawyer
Has a family of her own
Learns many life lessons from Sam
Annie is Sams neighbor
Helps raise Lucy
Always there for Sam when he needs her
Goes on the stand in Sam's trial for him
Beginning of movie birth of Lucy was shown
Helped us understand the story
Shows what kind of person the mom was
Lets you understand why Lucy was just raised with Sam
Story is shown sequentially
We get to see the story unfold in order
1. Rita didn't want to represent Sam
At first wasn't worth her time
Co-workers saw her deny him
Rita wanted to look good
Became a more appreciative person
Became passionate about the family and wanted to help
3. Annie stepping up
Helped Sam during the nights (reading/giving Sam advice
Gave Lucy a motherly figure
Lucy had someone to look up to other than Sam
Example: Sam was stereotyped how parents should raise their child. People said that since he didn't have a high intelligence, he couldn't properly raise Lucy.
Mentally and emotionally retraining someone so that they can adapt to their current environment
When Lucy is born, Sam has to then take care of himself and a child
Sam has to make sure she is fed, has clothes and somewhere safe to sleep
He learns a new way to live when Lucy is born
Humans born with development disabilities can still function in "normal" society and live a normal life.
Losing your sense of identity
When Lucy is take away Sam becomes overwhelmed
Sam becomes confused in court
Mistakens Lucy to be a boy
Lucy has taught him how to love and care for someone
When she's gone, he loses a part of himself
Floats above surface, we are aware of it
Someone with Sam's condition aren't as aware of things
Being un-aware causes people to be skeptical of his parenting
His intelligence isn't promising
Sam learnt as he went on
He pulled through and made things work
Sam is the opposite
Overall Impact
Leaves people thinking about how they've treated others and how they can become better people
Judging someone (story behind every person)
Movie displays a powerful story
You re-evaluate how well of a life you have
Your problems aren't as big as others
Everyone should watch this movie atleast once
Teaches people that...
Other people would wish for the problems we have
To always respect people
Think of how others feel (shows what its like when you aren't being respected)
Being different is okay
: A change in DNA, usually caused by an error on repair of duplication

Sam was born with a mutation
Oral History
: Is the collection and study of individulas, families and everyday life using audiotapes and planned interviews

Loretta, the children aids employee, she studies the oral history of Sam's life to evaluate if it was safe for Lucy to live with her Father.
Moral Perfection
: Traits that are associated with moral perfection are, compassion, loyalty, honesty and love.

Even though Sam has a development disability he still has the moral perfection traits, and these are the best traits to raise a child.
Undefined Development Disability
: A neurotic disorder, not allowing the person's brain to develop and mature.

Sam has a disability which didn't allow his brain to develop past a 7 year old, his disability is very similar to Autism but is not defined as Autism.

Stages of Development
: Erikson's Stages of Development. There are 8 stages; Infancy, Early childhood, Play Age, School Age, Adolescence, Young Adulthood, Adulthood and Mature Age

Sam's development only developed to the early school ages which is from the ages of 6-12 but Sam's development is at the age of 7.
The social worker who took Lucy from Sam
She doesn't really understand the meaning of loving a child
She is very strick with Lucy but always wants the best for her
He is very paranoid
He always asks questions like " who are you, what are you doing."
He is very intelligent and doesn't want to say the wrong thing in case it is used against him
Group Activity (Videos)
Autistic Simulation
In the movie Sam suffered from an nonspecific development disability which gave him the mental capacity of a 7 year old. Being autistic isn't the same disability as Sam but can have similar characteristics like being distracted easily and probably hard to concentrate. Nevertheless almost every disability being mental or physical is a daily struggle some people have to live with every second of everyday .

The next clip that you will see in a few moments shows firstly how a normal person who is healthy and functional would typically walk down a street, then it shows how a person with autism would walk down a street
When Margaret Calgrove took Lucy away from Sam
When Lucy said all she need is love from her daddy
When Sam got overwhelmed in court and told Mr. Turner that Lucy deserved everything and that he couldn't give it to her
When Lucy thinks Sam forgot about her and he didn't he just wanted her to have the opportunity, he is always thinking of her and wrote her a letter about how much he loved her.
As shown in the video it is probably extremely difficult to live with these conditions and people might think lightly of these people because they do live with all these disabilities making them seem like a "lesser" than us. Linking back to the movie Sam was able to raise a child mostly by himself and fought for Lucy when he lost her with a disability.
The movie had a lot to do with people with disabilities as it showed many different disabilities with Sam and his friends. As i was researching development disabilities and equality of people with mental disabilities I came across a video I thought the class would enjoy.
What did I learn from the movie I am Sam
I learned that it doesn't matter whether or not you're considered "normal" in society, everyone has a place and that even though you might have abnormal features which aren't making you stereotypically normal, you still can be a parent, have a job, be successful, and live a great life.
Money won't buy you love, love buys you love and that's all you need
What would you suggest people keep in mind while viewing the film?
Keep in mind how would you feel if you were Sam and your daughter got taken away from you
Keep an open mind that Sam tries so hard to be a good father and do everything he can for Lucy
His main goal is to make more money to pay Rita his lawyer to get Lucy back
: The act of matching attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to group norms

The judges and the children's ad societies believes that people with disabilities and abnormalities aren't considered normal in society. The judge thought that since Sam has a development disability that he couldn't raise Lucy.

Social Group
: A set of two or more people who interact regularly in a manner that is defined by some common purpose

Sam and his group of friends are a social group because they all have an abnormality of some sort as well as they come together because they love video games
That video we just watch to me sums up the main themes of the movie that even though a person may have a disability, being mental or physical, they are still capable of having a normal life with work, education, and love. With Lucy and Sam they too were able have normal healthy lives even though a disability could have played a negative factor
In history society has been subjected to that mentally retarded or physically disabled were polluting the gene pool of the country. Such individuals were seen as a threat to society and were seen the probable cause of most of the criminal activity and social problems of the country.
All of those were obviously lies and the view of people with disabilities have obviously changed since then but modern day children and adults with visible physical conditions or disabilities, such as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome, can be more likely to be bullied by coworkers, strangers, and classmates.

These bullies can make people feel more superior to people with disabilities and can make them get the idea that people with disabilities can't do anything for themselves
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