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shirley mcleod

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

by Shirley McLeod Little Beaver and The Dam Little Beaver and The Dam Little Beaver lived on a river with his family. He had lots of fun playing in the river with his best friend Muskrat. Muskrat also lived on the river, not too far from where Little Beaver lived. The two friends played and had lots of fun together. Their favorite place to play was a big pile of logs and driftwood which had floated down from somewhere up the river. A little further up the river, lived Mrs. Moose with her baby calf, but they also lived in the forest, only coming to the river to eat and visit with the animals who lived in the river. Sometimes Little Beaver and Muskrat would go up the river to visit Mrs. Moose and her baby. v


g Little Beavers father, Mr. Beaver would often tell Little Beaver and Muskrat not to wander off too far.
One hot summer day, Little Beaver and Muskrat decided to go pay a visit to Mrs. Moose, and see how big her baby had grown. So, the two friends started off. Mr. Beaver, who was always looking out for his family, told them "Now Little Beaver, you and your friend must not wander off too far, I know you sometimes forget where you are, so please keep your eyes and ears open for danger." The two friends went swimming and splashing along the river as they went, happy to be spending the day with Mrs. Moose and her baby, who they liked very much. Little Beaver and Muskrat knew Mrs. Moose would be in the river, eating her green veggies and cooling herself, and her baby off, because it was a very hot day. All the while keeping in mind what Mr. Beaver had told them before they left, about keeping their eyes and ears open. Little Beaver started thinking and wishing it would rain, because it had not rained for quite some time now.
"Just enough to cool things off," he thought to himself.
Then Little Beaver noticed something very strange, the further up the river He and Muskrat swam, the less water there seemed to be. That was something new to him, and he wondered about it.
"Maybe I"ll ask Father about that when I get home," he thought. "Yes Father, we will" said Little Beaver to his father. Little Beaver and Muskrat had a good visit with Mrs. Moose. Little Beaver mentioned to Mrs. Moose about the water going down, and asked her if she remembered when the last rain had been.
" It has not rained for quite awhile now," replied Mrs. Moose, "and the greens are tasting dry and stale," she added. Little Beaver did some more thinking about rain. Then all of a sudden he felt a big splash of water all over his face! and he thought "Rain!" but it was just Muskrat splashing him and yelling. "Come on! We're almost there!" Little Beaver was quite worried now, and Muskrat joined him in worrying when Little Beaver mentioned it to him.
What was going to happen to their home if the river dried up?
As the two friends made their way home, there was less splashing and laughing. Both thinking about the river, the home they loved so much. They couldn't think about living anywhere else.
When Little Beaver and Muskrat got home, they each went to their fathers and told them about the water in the river. "Father, do you know that it has not rained for a long time now?" Little Beaver asked his father. "Yes Little Beaver, I know that it has not rained for some time now." replied Mr. Beaver. The water in the river is getting lower every day, and I am getting very worried, we need water to survive," said Mr. Beaver. "We need to get together and come up with ideas about what to do." replied Mr. Beaver. "What can we do?" asked Little Beaver The very next day Mr. Beaver called all the animals who
lived in the river for a very important meeting. Even Mrs. Moose came, because she and her baby ate in the river. Mr. Beaver told all the animals about the water in the river.
"We must find a way to keep the water in the river in order for us to survive, we need the water," Mr.Beaver said. All the animals wanted to help, some wanted to move, but it was their home too. They started coming up with ideas on how to save the river. Someone suggested they do a rain dance, but when asked how to do that, no one knew. So the rain dance was out.
Little Beaver was thinking too. Then all of a sudden, he remembered his favorite pile of logs. He didn't really want to give them up, but if his idea was going to help save their home, then he had to. Little Beaver got everyone's attention, and suggested that they use the pile of logs. He suggested that they place the logs across the river to block the water from flowing out of the river. Everyone thought that was a great idea, and all agreed to help. So, all the animals got to work. Little Beaver and Muskrat helped as much as they could. Mrs. Moose was a big help, because she was big and strong and could help move the biggest logs. They all worked hard day and night to dam up the river. After the dam was finished, Little Beaver and Muskrat were so tired. They both went home and slept for a long time and dreamed about rain dancing and building dams.
All the animals were happy that they did not have to leave their home. They had blocked the river and had enough water to survive until the next rain fall. They all thanked Little Beaver for letting them use the logs to save their home.

The End working hard Mr. Beaver almost dry river Little Beaver Little Beavers home Muskrat Muskrats home Mrs. Moose and baby The dam also working hard
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