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A Social Media Primer for Parents

A basic overview of social media platforms used by teens and tweens.

Marie Campione

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of A Social Media Primer for Parents

~ Unlimited free text and audio messages, video and photos

Social Media Platforms:
Digital Hangouts


A catchall phrase

Social Media

('digital hangouts' - apps, websites, etc...)

digital content (photos, videos, text, etc...)
shared via these platforms.

connecting with other people by using social media platforms

~ Who is using Social Media?

~ New platforms are constantly being created

Just to be clear: What is Social Media?
Digital Hangouts:
So many ways to share, so little time...

Micro Blogging



Breaking it down: Types of Social Media Platforms
Texting and Messaging:
not just text anymore
Kik Messenger


A Social Media Primer for Parents
Presented by Marie Campione
Digital Media Specialist
and Parent of two Media Consuming Teens

Bullhorn to the world
(or at least your followers)



Data is Data: Whenever an image is sent via the internet, it never truly goes away
SECRET - Speak Freely



Yik Yak
Educate yourself:
Check out these great resources
The bottom line for most of these tools?

If teens are using them respectfully, appropriately, and with a little parental guidance, they should be fine.

Take inventory
of your kids' apps
best practices
with your children
The Bottom Line?
includes text, video, audio messages sent to specific people

- Kik Messenger,
- ooVoo,
- WhatsApp
Micro Blogging:
broadcast style communication using photos, video, text; "followers" see your posts

- Instagram
- Tumblr
- Twitter
- Vine
intended to disappear or be posted anonymously

- Secret - Speak Freely
- Snapchat
- Whisper
- Yik Yak
Chatting, Meeting, Dating:
designed for strangers to connect

- MeetMe
- Omegle
- Skout
- Tinder
~ Free texting app
~ Only standard data rates apply
No Character limit
loaded with ads and in-app purchases (specializes in 'promoted chats')
Some stranger danger via OinkText linked app and Kik community blog
Can only chat with approved friends (those on their approved contact list)
~ Free video, voice and messaging
~ Group chats with up to 12 people
~ Log on after school while doing homework
Can be very distracting (multitasking vs distraction)
Free and unlimited messaging
It's for 16 and over *age set by WhatsApp
Can be pushy - automatically connects you to all What'sApp users in your address book
~ Take, edit and share photos and 15 second videos
~ Share publicly or with private network of followers
~ Share, see, comment on photos
combines the most popular feature
authentic audience encourages creative content
'Likes' can become a popularity contest -tied to self worth
Public photos are the default setting
Private messaging - does not show in users feed
~ A cross between a blog and Twitter; streaming scrapbook of text, photos, video and/or audio clips
Attracts creative users
'Tumblelogs combine
a variety of media
Edgy or inappropriate content easy to find
Privacy setting difficult (require 2nd profile that can be password protected)
Re-blogging common
~ the original 'microblog' - limits users to a brief 140 character message (aka 'Tweet")
~ Users follow other users - tweets show up in feed
~ Teens use it to keep up with favorite celebs
Great teaching tool - users must learn to get the full point across in 140 characters or less
Public tweets are the 'norm'
Updates appear immediately - (but can be taken down)
~ Users post six second looping video clips
~ Owned by Twitter
Fun, easy and fast way to share video snapshot of people, places, events, etc...
Full of inappropriate videos
Privacy concerns: everything is Public by default; but settings can be changed
So easy to create and share, tempting to record and share without consent
~ Designed to let users post what's on their minds anonymously (*similar to WHISPER)
~ People use it to vent, confess, and share, without anyone knowing who said what
~ A messaging app that lets users put a time limit on the pictures they send
~ Mostly used by teens to share goofy or embarrassing photos without the risk of them going public
~ Similar to SECRET, this is a social 'confessional' app
~ Posts are anonymous, and the text is paired with a picture
~ Users post brief Twitter-like comments to the 500 geographically nearest YIK YAK users
~ Users share opinions, secrets, rumors with others in a 1.5 mile radius
It tries to prevent users from defaming others (with warnings)
It requires some private information (email and phone)
Strong language is not uncommon
Can be a lighter, more ephemeral medium/way to share
Person on the other end can take a screenshot before photo disappears (*sender is notified)
Risky behavior often goes hand in hand with this app's temporal nature
The anonymity can give emotion filled teens the freedom to share without judgement
Whispers are often sexual in nature
Content can be dark: topics include insecurity, depression, substance abuse
"Meet Up" section encourages users to share personal info
GPS updated location feature can be turned off
By default, users exact locations are shown (location sharing can be toggled off)
Gossipy sometimes cruel nature; some schools have banned access (cyberbulling)

Harnessing the Power
of Social Media

Tanya Avrith
Google and Apple educator

April 17th 2015
12 – 12:30 pm
in the Waxlax

are welcome

Want to know
CommonSense Media

Social Networking for Teens:

15 Apps and Websites Kids are heading to after Facebook:

3 Teen Trends in Social Media:

Common Sense Media helps families make smart media choices. We offer the largest, most trusted library of independent age-based and educational ratings and reviews for movies, games, apps, TV shows, websites, books, and music.
~ Share publicly or with private network of followers
~ Content can be fun, hip, but also raunchy
~ Content can be silly, funny, even fascinating, but raunchy and inappropriate content is not uncommon
*If time allows
One of my first Vines:
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