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Copy of Travel & Tourism

No description

Joshua McHale

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism
In this Presentation I will be
describing events, conferences and
exhibitions, I will consider example
organizations and customers what use these
services. (P1)

I will also demonstrate and show links with the travel and tourism sector and also highlight at least 3 current trends and describe them. (P2)

Thirdly I will describe 5 venues describe there location and also what they offer in terms off, event/conference/exhibition organizer in terms of facilities. (P3)

In the next section I will explain the impacts on the event, conference and exhibitions sector. I will also analyze the factors and impacts on the event. (M1)

Finally I shall consider the event, conference and
exhibition environment as a whole and
consider its potential for growth.

Thank you!
Types of Event
Corporate hospitality

Corporate hospitality is the provision of hospitality and entertainment to the customers of companies, a reason for this is to form customer relationships and also to encourage business. Corporate hospitality can also help sales dramatically and also helps to form a good company image. For example at a Leeds united match they might invite food stall and vans outside to provide the Leeds supporters with food and also it will be a good placement for the food van because it will provide the stand with many customers. Sometimes these are free and it can be an example of corporate hospitality, also there are promotional events such as Cadbury's could offer out new products and so on.

Team Building events

Team building events are usually created by managers and also are used to develop team skills such as; communication, friendship and also for the staff to work more effectively. These events are help often depending in our work provider for example Google have many team building exercise and they are know for there friendly atmosphere and team skills. Team building exercises can also range from competitive task, corprative team tasks, rock climbing and much more.
Annual Conferences

Annual conferences may be held every single year by a single company, to discuss the annual statistics of the company to see where they can improve. They also try to solve issues what arise during the year for example there could have been a fall in sales and they must recognize reasons for this decline and how to stop declines in the future (to maximize profits). Medical conferences are often held and sponsored by drug manufactures to promote ideas, discussion and concepts. There are many different conferences held by businesses for many reason but they are all usually to improve business strategies and also to solve problems.

Types of Event

Incentives can be for customers and employees, offering incentives to customer and employees can help to motivate staff and also customers into using there custom. Offering incentives is a way of rewarding customers and staff, they reward the staff for there hard work and efforts, and they reward customers for there loyally and there custom. These incentives can range from staff discount, customer discount cards, gifts, experiences, holiday rewards, fund raising and much more.

Product launches

Events are held to either raise awareness for existing products or to introduce new products, these are held also to raise the company images. These events are mostly open to the public and include giving away free testers, free products or holding events such as concerts or free experiences. These events are aimed at the press and media because they want to raise awareness and publicize there product in order to boost sales and revenue.

Types of Conference
Political conference

The most popular and famous are the party political conferences, held each ear but the political parties. The most popular venues for the main parties are Brighton, Blackpool, and Bournemouth. These are held at seaside towns because heavily rely on conference provide an important revenue stream which they carefully target. Political conference related to travel and tourism include those held by the world tourism organisation.

Business Meetings

Many business meetings are usually held on the business premises, however there are specific building and though where business meetings can be held. These can be hired for business meeting so that they are in a calm uninterrupted environment to discuss policy issues and also to discuss manners. These rooms and conferences can also be held for meetings between the company and students, however if only a few people are included in the meeting they can meet in a lounge or an office. When a lot of people come together for a full meeting as an Annual General Meeting.

Types of Conference
Types of Exhibition
Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are events what provide an opportunity for many different industry members to meet up discuss business strategies and mainly conduct business. A famous example of a Trade Fair would be The World Travel Market which is held annually in London and is probably the most popular and wide know for is specific Travel related fair. Also throughout the year many things may have been introduced in to the sector so in this time they could discuss events throughout the year and also the latest industry developments.


Exhibitions have many different aims and objectives depending on the business sector however they are mainly held in order or promoting a service or product, increasing sales, and attracting new customers. There are promotional shows what are open to customers but some what are only open to industry members and staff, this could be to update technology in their business. An example of a promotional show would be the Travel Technology Show, this events includes over 100 suppliers what demonstrate what the years technology has to offer.
Specialist Organizations
Venue Finding Agencies

Most major organizations will be involved with venue finding organizations, venues are important because if an organizations desire a prestigious venue this could suggest that the clients and business members attending will be upper class and set a good company image. They do not charge for there services because thy will get commission from the venue which can range significantly. They usually have a database where many credentials are used to determine the right venue for the organization/client this helps with customer satisfaction and suitability. Some Tourist Informational Centers offer venue finding services, they have excellent local knowledge and can advise on suitability.

Conference Organizers

Conferences should always be specialized the the members of the conference however the main parts and also more time consuming plans will be created by Conference Organizers. It would be too time consuming for the company to organize the whole conference. The services they include are; arranging technical audio/visual equipment, booking transport, booking hotels, organizing catering, making all bookings, offering choices of venues and much more. There organizers are crucial in Conferences to make them run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Exhibitors are these are the buyers of spaces and stands within the exhibition, these are the main source of income to the exhibition organizer however without these people the event could not take place (these people are also corporate). Secondly there are people who attend exhibitions through as a hobbies perhaps or just from interest for the industry, these usually pay an entrance fee. These customers could be corporate as in they represent there own business or they could be just individuals. Examples of Exhibitors could be; government organizations, Visit Britain, trade associations and much more.

Associations and Government

Government departments, authorities and agencies may be customers of conferences because they want to make sure that the idea put forward are legit and conference can be held to discuss matters on travel and tourism and other maters. Customers can be part of associations and they will often go to conferences to represent there associations and also to take some information back to there collegues. For example ABTA, the Travel Association, who want to create a conference or event for there members.

Links With the Travel and
Tourism Sector
Accommodation & Transport Provision

In some cases Conferences can be fully booked with transport and accommodation or they can be more independent where customers and exhibitors have to provide these factors themselves, in many ways like a package holiday. This can change the rates and the prices of conferences, however the more upper callas and corporate events usually have transport and hotels books for ease and efficiency of the event.

Popularizing Destinations

In some cases due the the sheer amount of conferences held in a particular location it can lead to popularization. As I spoke about earlier in my presentation, many seaside towns and other towns such as; Blackpool, Brighton and Bournemouth. These destinations have been partially popularized and have helped there travel and tourism market.
Popularity of Usual Venues

The most popular type of venues are hotels and other learning institutes and so on, for example premiere inn and Oxford halls. However more and more corporate organizers want to try stand out and send messages the there clients. For example there have been many usual venues what have held for example Alton towers have a conference section along with a hotel which has been a venue for many events and conferences. The event sets the tone and also gives out an image to the clients choosing this right venue is crucial.

Growth of Venue-Finding and Event management Companies

There are new ways that businesses are staring to expand and be created, social media and the internet enable for thousands of companies to become accessible which has caused in increase in the amount of venue finding event companies. There is a trend to use them because they are experts and can usually offer more a quality service rather than a inexperienced person planning the event and taking up there time.

Impact of Web-conferences, web seminars and e-meetings

Web-conferences web seminars and also e-meeting and accessible for all most all companies and clients, also they are versatile and is a brilliant way of communication with minimal effort and time needed. However if the meeting is large scale it can be not as effective as meeting in person.


Sponsorship can benefit events, because if a well known brand sponsors your event then it improves your events image and also helps to provide a budget for the event because events can be very costly. For example companies will only sponsor an event if they are suitable to sponsor, also if they are sponsored it is also the advertise a brand or company. A sponsor may have representatives and workers what ensure that there sponsor has been involved enough and has an effect (mainly making sure the brand has been advertised properly). Sponsors needs should be met and they should be a working relationship between the sponsors and event organizer.
Venues for Events, Conferences and Exhibitions

Purpose Built Centers (Manchester Conference Center) -

This Venue is specifically for events and conferences and offers a wide range of diverse conference rooms. This makes is a possible venue for many different clients and companies. They are Hotels, Dinning and other facilities what suits many needs, also they have others for example stay overnight and get 15% off.

Hotels (Queens Hotel) -

The Queens Hotel is a great example of a Hotel what hos conferences, it is in the heart of the Leeds city center and is situated right beside the train station which means that transport is easy. It has 16 conference rooms and The grand conference room can hold up to 500 people with luxurious decor and setting.

Academic Venues (University of Bristol) -

This University has a wide range of conferences in its portfolio and has been a venue for many events over the years. It has a Auditorium at the Victoria rooms what holds up to 800 people, it has brilliant facilities and also a historic and decorative location.

Sporting Venues (Manchester United Old Trafford) -

This Facility has 155 meeting rooms and has more than enough of a wide range of variety. They have parking with up to 5000 spaces, easy accessibility, catering options and of course sporting facilities.

Unusual Venues (Alton Towers) -

The Stateroom comes with 549 sq meters of space available, the Stateroom has been specifically designed to provide the perfect base for conferences accommodating up to 320 people. It also includes Hotel and Catering Facilities and also free entry to Alton Towers (special offer).

Civic Venues (

With amazing views over Craigavon Lakes, the Civic Centre offers a suite of multi-purpose rooms with state-of-the-art facilities and a large and Civic Hall, which can hold up to 540 people.
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