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The notebook

No description

Rosa Mora Medina

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of The notebook

The Reunion The notebook Compare & contrast Summer She choose Noah <3 Characters book: She took a
firm decision Allie Sensitive, Artistic
Happy of her life
Sassy, but good girl.
Hard to conquer her Book: Lonely
Always understanding Allie
not so lonely
Calm but not shy book: Noah Allie's mom
Book: They don't
have a relationship
as mother daughter
Movie:They get closer when
she tells her daughter that she
also have a love like this Allie's Dad
Book:it's not really mentioned
A good father who heard her
a Rich and powerful men Noah's dad
He helped Noah after her mother died and he didn't want to talk.
A men who have fun and also love his child Together Summer Movie: Is the beginning of the movie,they describe how Noah try to have a date with Allie. They get in love but they fight a lot. Book: Their summer is described so perfect, they enjoyed their company and they have really special moments. The movie: They remember the summer that they had together.
She know the girl that he was dating.
She said naturally that he was going to marry.
They go to the lake and then the storm started The book She is so scared to tell him that
she was going to marry Lon, she can't
her feelings and they way Noah makes her feel.
She saw him with passion.
Noah wants her to stay but he never insisted
he always respect what she decided
They went to the lake but he inform her about that's going to happen. The Reason she came back Movie: She saw a picture
of him in the
newspaper when she was
trying her wedding dress
and she fainted. Book: Allie's dad shows her
something important
from the newspaper but
she saw the picture.
And she decided to
visit him. Money for the house Movie:Dad
sold his house Book: His jewish boss
up north Going to marry Lon Rich ,powerful ,Lawyer, wealthy family.
Jealous, always thinking about what she is doing.
He never had time for her. He was in the war, he always have time for her.
insistent. Book Movie Being with Noah Or Lon Movie Book her mom arrived and
told her that Lon
knows everything
and she show her
that he was also in
love with other when
she was young Her mom just let her know about Lon. Was confused because she
was in love again.
Noah asked if he could help her. movie: She seems
confused, she didn't know between Noah or Lon Book: Movie: She had Alzheimer.
She started to forgot
but he was always there
he read for her and found
a way to be with her always
He get hurted because of
her illness. He had a hurtful
Really sad :( The end in the movie
is just cute.
They don't really show
how hard for both this
But still a good ending. The first time i saw the movie
became one of my favorites.
After i read the book twice
and saw the movie again.
It wasn´t the same, They had the idea
of the book but in my opinion they don´t
show how the characters really are.
Actions are kind of the same, but
the characters and their thoughts aren't the same.
But i think thats what movies does they show
what people want to see.
Book and movie are really good.
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