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Elements of Fiction in Short Stories: Harrison Bergeron

No description

Celia Barrientos

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Elements of Fiction in Short Stories: Harrison Bergeron

Harrison Bergeron By: Celia Barrientos Plot George and Hazel Bergeron's son Harrison was taken away because of the new laws in America for equality. Anyone who was too talented or smart and other things were handicapped to be what their society calls average. Exposition Harrison escaped jail as George and Hazel were watching the news. Rising Action Harrison went to the television studio and claimed to have power and took over the studio with his new empress Climax Diana Moon Glamepers the Handicap General shot Harrison and his new empress Falling Action Resolution Society unfortunately did not change for the better. Instead it stayed the same. Time: 2081 Setting Place?: United States External Problems: Conflict Internal Problems: Harrison has an external problem. He doesn't agree with society's laws and therefore he challenges it. George also has an external problem in the story. The government has handicapped him with a transmitter that plays annoying noises if he's thinking above the average person. He also has a canvas bag around his neck that weighs about forty seven pounds that he can't take of without a prison sentence and a fine for every ball he took out George Bergeron has internal problems. He doesn't like society's laws either but he chooses to deal with it instead of challenging it. He also is handicapped because he too is more talented than the average folk. Characters The characters in this story are very static because their views on government hasn't really changed. They still feel that the system needs to change. Throughout the story the government hasn't gave them much of a better view especially killing Harrison who is George and Hazel Bergeron's son. This story takes place in the United States of America during the future in 2081. In the future our governments has passed about 200 amendments many of which enforce very strict laws for equality in the nation. In order to keep equality they handicap those who are different or better than the average preson is supposed to be. Setting The theme to Harrison Bergeron would be the dangers of total equality. In the story America strives for equality so badly that we handicap the people who are better than the average person. Which harms them just about every singly day and face prison sentence and very expensive fines. Harrison risked his life to stop the total equality. Theme Harrison Bergeron was in third person point of view. I know this because the characters thoughts and dialouge is said as if someone were watching them, having no connections with them once so ever. It uses words such as his, he, she, they, and her.
Point of View "A buzzer sounded in George's head. His thoughts fled in panic, like bandits from a burglar alarm." "Now-" said Harrison, taking her hand, "shall we show the people the meaning of the word dance? Music!" he commanded." Examples:
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