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Unit 1 Week 5

No description

Alexa Wright

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Unit 1 Week 5

Unit 1 Week 5
Do Now
1. Her friend enjoyed listening to the story but suggested that she
it the next time she told it because it took 30 minutes to tell.
2. The desert typically is very
only certain plants can thrive in the climate.
3. The
young man enjoyed helping his classmates with their homework.
1. Write the sentences. 2. Circle the context clues. 3. Define the word.
Do Now Review
abbreviate - shorten, abridge
arid - extremely dry
benevolent - friendly, helpful
1. Do Now
2. Learning Target
3. Quiz
4.Review Plot Diagram and Hero's Journey
4. Gilgamesh "The Return"
5. Complete Gilgamesh Hero's Journey and Characterization Graphic Organizer
6. Bye-Bye Blurb
What am I learning today?
I can analyze Gilgamesh's hero's journey.
Unit 1 Quiz
1. Read the excerpt
2. Discuss questions with your group.
3. Answer in complete sentences.
The Return
3 - Events that happened in the excerpts from Gilgamesh
2- Examples of figurative language in "The Return"
1- Character trait of the Gilgamesh.
Answer - Gilgamesh is _________.
Cite - The text stated, "_______________."
Explain - This _______ (action, effect etc) shows that ________.
Done - Gilgamesh is characterized as _____________ because he _____________.
Gilgamesh Hero's Journey and Characterization Graphic Organizer
1. Work with a partner to complete Gilgamesh's Hero's Journey. In each section write the action or event that occurred in Gilgamesh that represents that part of the Hero’s Journey....some events may not be in order
2. Use the STEAL chart to characterize Gilgamesh and Endiku
Rising Action
Falling Action
Setting: Myop's sharecropping cabin and woods
Situation/climate: little girl exploring nature
Characters: Myop
1. Myop carried her stick and poked things
2. She walked along the fence
3. She went into the woods
4. She entered a cove
Myop discovered a dead body
1. Myop discovered a noose near the body.
2. Myop laid down her flowers.
Myop felt like the summer was over.
Plot Diagram Practice
1. Select a Grimms' Fairy Tale
2. Read the tale with your group
3. Complete a plot Diagram for your story

Plot Diagram Review
Do Now
1. Write the sentences. 2. Circle Context Clues. 3. Define the word.
1. The
boy didn't care when his best friend passed away from cancer.

2. Sara appreciated the
of her boyfriend because he always told her when he liked other girls.

3. John was
of the consequences but he continued to talk in class.
callous - emotionally hardened

candor - the quality of being honest and straightforward

cognizant - having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization
What am I learning?
1. Do Now
2. Review LT
3. Journal
4. Plot Video
5. Whole Group Plot Diagram Example
6. Flexible Group Reading Fairy Tales
7. Hero's Journey Project
8. Bye-Bye-Blurb
9. Work Time for Hero's Journey Project
I can analyze plot in a short story.
Journal # 6
Describe a time when you discovered something. What was the item? Where was the item? Did you keep it or try to return it? Why?
4-5 Sentences
How did the author create suspense (a state or feeling of excited or anxious uncertainty about what may happen) in one of your short stories?
RESPONSE 6-7 Sentences
nswer - The author created suspense by _______________.
te - For example, during the (rising action,exposition) _____________ happened. Also during the __________ occurred.
xplain - The (rising action/climax etc) made the reader feel ______________. The reader also ____________.
one - In the story __________ the author built suspense by ___________________.
Submit on Blog
Due September 9th
Hero's Journey Writing Assignment
i.e. money, secret, clothes etc
Brothers Grimm. The Brothers Grimm (die Brüder Grimm or die Gebrüder Grimm), Jacob (1785–1863) and Wilhelm Grimm (1786–1859), were German academics, philologists, cultural researchers, lexicographers and authors who together specialized in collecting and publishing folklore during the 19th century.
The CEO was charged with
after she used company funds to buy a yacht.

The teacher suggested the student
his work because it had multiple grammatical errors.

The aspiring model tried to
Tyra Banks.
embezzlement - the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property

emend - make corrections to

emulate - strive to equal or match, especially by imitating
Do Now
1. Write the sentence. 2. Circle the context clue. 3. Define the word.
The Princess of Bekhten 1.5 pages
How the god of the moon, Khonsu saved the life of a princess during the 19th Dynasty.
The Prince and the Sphinx 2.5 pages
The story of how a prince became king when he promised to do the famous Great Sphinx of Giza a favor (1405 BC)...
The Land of the Dead
3.5 pages
The myth of the only two people to visit the Duat, the land of the dead, and return to tell all about it.
The Story of Re
4 pages
The story of the creation, Re's revenge of mankind and how Isis trickedRe into telling her his secret name.
Close Reading Practice
Egyptian Myths
1. You must read at least 5 pages.
2. Select Group A or B
Question Set
Group A
- Complete 2 Questions from each part of table
-Complete entire Comprehensive Questions
Group B
- Complete 2 questions from Knowledge,Comprehension and Evaluation
-Complete 1 question from Analysis, Application and Synthesis
1. Do Now
2. Review LT
3. Journal
4. Myth Video
5. Egypt Myth Close Reading
6. Bye-Bye-Blurb
7. Project Questions
What am I learning?
I can close read a text and engage in a collaborative discussion.
Journal # 7
Whose your best friend? Why? How long have you known them? How did you become friends? What type of things do you do together?
4-5 Sentences
Decide which character in a myth you would most like to spend a day with and
why. What character traits does that character posses?
ACED Response
4-5 Sentences
A myth is a traditional story that explains the beliefs of a people about
the natural and human world. The main characters in myths are usually
gods or supernatural heroes. The stories are set in the distant past. The
people who told these stories believed that they were true.
Myth - Genre
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