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The Starbucks Brandscape and Consumers (Anticorporate) Ecper

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Dominika Ko

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of The Starbucks Brandscape and Consumers (Anticorporate) Ecper

The Starbucks Brandscape and Consumers (Anticorporate) Experiences of Globalization.
Starbucks coffee
Local coffee shops
The Starbucks revolution
+in people opinion Starbucks destroys local
coffee shops, and in the same time they are not
so sure about that (for example Sandra),
+ local coffee shops over Starbucks through a
labor of love/gift economy attribution,
+local coffee shops like Magic Bean has a
bottomless cup strategy, may not be a way to
earn much many but teach people about good
beans-serving fresh, hot coffee,
+art shows, promoting independent artists.

The marketing success of Starbucks transformed gourmet coffee from a yuppie status symbol into a mainstream consumer good.
Starbucks created coffee shop market, increased number of coffee shops from 200 freestanding coffee houses to 14,000 (Starbucks owning 30%).
Hyperaggressive expansion strategy.

Do you make coffee at home?
"No, never is that so odd?
...I drink coffee because I want to be among the people...The draw for me is the people there, contact with other people"
"I try to avoid Starbucks ...I'll try to look for other places...visiting some friends in San Francisco, and it was called Simple Pleasures. It was a real café. They served Guinness beer and different sandwiches and coffees. They had some regulars. "
"Starbucks is on almost every corner"
"We changed the way people live their lives, what they do when they get up in the morning, how they reward themselves, and where they meet" Orin Smith, Starbucks CEO
How would you compare Magic Bean to Starbucks?
"...you might as well be in New York, you might as well be in Chicago, or wherever, you know, Rockford. I do think they do an amazing job of having great quality for as big as they are."
"They do not divide the world into stark Manichean terms, where Starbucks represents a diabolical force and where local coffee shops symbolize all that is noble and good. "
"The shop I feel most connected to probably will be Java Jive, and a lot of it has to do with just the fact that it is not a big chain like the Starbucks...in my circle of friends it’s not socially acceptable to go to Starbucks because it is just a big corporate and that it destroys all the local coffee shops"
"...I want to go to Starbucks and carry something out, I will bring my own cup so I can walk around without having a Starbucks cup in my hand in public. I know that’s ridiculous. I don’t personally feel that I can’t frequent Starbucks based not on my own beliefs... So I go there anyway and hope that nobody sees me walking out of there who will think less of me for being there.There is nothing that’s special or charming about it as far as I am concerned..."
Global brands
are Trojan horses
through which transnational
corporations colonize local
The local cultures and the forces of globalization are thoroughly interpenetrated and coshaping.
The effects of globalization on everyday cultural life via global brands, fashion, and mass media are more accurately described as a process of “glocalization”
+high level of quality of service
and the comfort offered by its
familiar settings,
+Starbucks’s management, assuming
that profit goals are balanced by ethical concerns for the environment and its
+this how they think people would like
coffee shop to be,

+many kinds of coffees, syrups, ingredients,

+many spots, easy to take-away coffee,

+funny names,
+fast service with high quality,
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