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Using "Adobe Photoshop" To Create An A4 Sized Advert.

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Jordan Sion

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of Using "Adobe Photoshop" To Create An A4 Sized Advert.

Step 1: Opening Adobe Photoshop.
First, You Must Open Adobe Photoshop From "
", Then Click On The "
All Programs
" Folder. Look For The "
" Folder, And Click On "
Adobe Photoshop CS5.1

Photoshop Will Then Open Shortly And You Can Begin You Task.
Step 2: Setting The Page Measurements.
Once Photoshop Has Opened, You Will Have To Go To "
" (Located On The Top Left Corner Of The Screen), And Then Click "

Once You Have Done That, A Box Will Appear And You Will Have The Opportunity To Set The Page Measurements.

For An A4 Sized Advert, You Must Enter The
And The

Be Sure To Change The Measuring Units From

Next Change The Resolution To
, And Change The Resolution Units To
Pixels Per Inch

Once You Have Done That, You Can Proceed, And Click "
Step 3: Beginning You Advert.
Now That You Can See A Digital A4 Page, You Can Get Started With Your Advert.

The First Thing To Do Is Unlock The Pre-Made Layer, Called "
". You Can Tell If Its Locked Because It Has A Locked Padlock Icon.

All You Need To Do Is Double Click On The Padlock. A Box Will Pop Up Containing Information About The Layer.

All You Have To Do Next Is Click "

Once You Have Done This, The Background Layer's Name Will Change To "
Layer 0
Step 5: Editing The Background.
Step 6: Editing An Image.
Now You Know How To Import A Saved Image Into Adobe Photoshop, And You Know How To Re-Size An Image Too.

With These Skills, You Can Import A Main Image And Edit It Too.

First Find An Image To Import, Whether Its Yours Or Taken From The Internet.

Select "Layer 0" And Go To "
" (Located On The Top Left Corner Of Your Page), Then Click "
", Just Like You Did When You Imported The Background.

Once You Have Imported Your New Image Onto Your A4 Page, A New Layer Will Be Created, This Layer's Name Will Be The Image's Name.

Drag The New Layer Above The Background Layer To Reveal It.

Next, Turn Of Your "
" Layer's Visibility By Clicking On The "
" Icon Next To The Layer.
Step 6: Part 2.
Once You Have Deselected The "Background" Layer's Visibility, You Will Be Able To See You New Image.

To Zoom In, Press "
" And "
" At The Same Time, As This Will Allow You To Have Zoomed View Of The Whole Page. To Zoom In And Out "Press "
" And Either "
" Or "
" (Minus Or Plus) On Your Keyboard.

Next Look At The Tools On The Left Side Of Your Photoshop Document.

You Need To Look for The "
Magic Wand Tool
", It Is The Fourth Tool From The Top.

Sometimes You Need To Hold Down The Fourth Tool, To Reveal The "
Magic Wand Tool

When You Have Found It, Click On It.
Step 6: Part 3.
Now That The "
Magic Want Tool
" Has Been Selected, You Must Select Every Thing That You Want.

Don't Worry If You Make A Mistake, Just Carry On, As I Will Show You How To Edit Errors And Things You Don't Want To Keep.

You Must Hold The "
" Key, Whilst Selecting The Areas You Do Want To Keep, Otherwise You'll Notice That You Are Only Selecting One Thing.

After You Have Finished Selecting What You Do Want, Click On The "
Edit In Quick Mask Mode
" Icon. (It Looks A Bit Like A Camera).

Once You Have Clicked On The "
Edit In Quick Mask Mode
" Tool, Everything Will Turn Red, Apart From The The Parts Of The Image You Selected.

Select The "
Paintbrush Tool
", And Paint Everything In Red That Don't Want To Keep, Now You Have The Chance To Do This Carefully, As You Can Change Change The Brush Size.

Use The "
Eraser Tool
", To Remove Any Errors.

Like The "
Paintbrush Tool
", The "
Eraser Tool's
" Size Can Be Changed, The Same Way You Change The "
Paintbrush Tool
Unit 5, Task 4.

Using "Adobe Photoshop" To Create
An A4 Sized Advert.

By Jordan Sion

Using "Adobe Photoshop" Can Be Confusing, And Feel Like A Bumpy Ride.

Here Is a Step By Step Guide,
Explaining How To Create An A4 Sized Advertisement Using "Adobe Photoshop",
To Make Your Journey, A Little Less Bumpy.

Step 4: Adding A Background Image.
You Will Need To Find An Image For The Advert's Background.

You Can Easily Do This By Searching Online Or By Uploading Your Own Image.

If You Have Found A Background Image From The Internet, You Must Save The Image To You Computer.

To Import Saved Photos, Whether They're Your Own, Or From The Internet, You Can Import Them By Going To "
" (Located On The Top Left Corner Of Your Page), Then Click On "

A Box Will Pop Up.

All You Need To Do Is Select The Image You Want To Set As The Background And Click "

The Image Will Appear On Your A4 Page, And Will Be Under A New Layer Called "
Now That Your Background Image Is Imported, All You Have To Do Is Edit It To Fit The A4 Page.

First Make Sure You Are On The Layer Called "
", You Know If Your On This Layer When It Is In A Blue Box.

What You Need To Do Is Press "
" And Press "
" At The Same Time On Your Keyboard.

A Square Outline Will Appear On Your Image.

While Pressing "
", Drag The Corners Of The Image.

Once You Have Done That, You Will End Up With Your Image Covering The Whole A4 Page.

After You Have Finished Re-Sizing, You MUST Click The "
" Key Or Your Changes Will Be Undone.
Also, Don't Forget To Save Your Work!

Go To "
" (Located On The Top Left Corner Of The Page) Then Click "
Save As

Save Your Work In A New Folder So It Is Quick And Easy To Access.
Step 6: Part 4.
Now That You Have Selected The Areas You Want To Keep, You Must Cut Them.

You Can Do This By Clicking On "
" (Located Next To "
", On The Top Left Corner Of Your Page).

Then Click "Cut", This Will Make Your Selected Areas Disappear.

Open A New Photoshop Document With The Same Measurements As Before, But Make The New Document's Background Contents "

Paste The Areas You Want On You New Document.

Go Back To Your First Document To Delete The Areas You Do Not Want.

Click On The "
Regular Marquee Tool
", It Is The Second Tool In The Tool List.

Once The "
Regular Marquee Tool
" Is Selected, Draw A Box Around The Areas Of Your Image You Don't Want To Keep.

Once You Have "
" What You Don't Want, Press The "
" Key On Your Keyboard.
Step 6: Part 5.
Once You Have Deleted The Boxed Image, Copy The Image You Want To Keep From Your Other Document And Re-insert It Into Your Advert.

You Can Do This By Selecting The Image By Using The "
Regular Marquee Tool
" and Drawing A Box Around It.

Once A Box Is Around It, Go To "
" (Located Next To "
", On The Top Left Corner Of Your Page), Then Click "

Next, Go Back To Your First Document, Your Advert.

Go To "
" (Located Next To "
", On The Top Left Corner Of Your Page), Then Click "

The Image You Wanted Will Appear.

After, Click The "
" Icon Next To The "
Background Layer
" To Reveal The Image And Background Together.
Step 7: Adding Text
Most Adverts Include Text.

To Insert Text Onto You Advert Click On The "
Horizontal Type Tool

It Is The Sixteenth Tool On The Tool Bar.

Once Selected, Draw A Text Box Were You Want The Text To Go.

Then Simply Type What You Want.

A Slogan Perhaps, Or A Catchy Phrase, Or Even A Sentence.

To Edit Text, Press The Letter "
" Key.

The Text Will Appear Small And In An Ordinary Font, With No Effects.

To Change The Size Of You Text, Highlight It And Click On The "
Sizes List
" Located Under "
" And "

Then Click An Appropriate Size.

I Decided To Use 48 Sized Text For A Clear And Large Look.

I Then Also "
" The Text. Located Next To The "
Sharpness List

I Also Changed The Font To "
Futura Condensed Medium
", Which Is Found From A List Under "
" And "
Step 8: Blending Options.
The Blending Options Allow You To Add Effects To You Text.

You Can Use The Blending Options By "
" On The "
" Layer To Edit Your Text,

A List Will Appear.

Click On "
Blending Options
", It Is the Second Title From The Top.

A Box Will Pop Up Giving You Options Of What To Do.

On The Left side Of The Box Is A List With Tick Boxes.

Tick Which Effect You Want For Your Text.

Once You Have Chosen The Effects, Choose A Style As Well, Located Above "
Blending Options Default

Once Finished Click "

Your Text Now Has Effects.
Step 9: Editing The Background.
If The Text Isn't Clear Against The Background You Can Edit The Background To Make It Lighter Or Darker.

To Do This You Must Click On The "
Background Laye

Then Click On "
" (Located On The Top Left Corner Of Your Page, It's In Between "
" And "

Then Click On "
", Then "

A Box Will Appear.

Click On "
More Options
" To Reveal More Editing Options.

Play Around With The "
" To Suit Your Style And Needs.

Once You Are Done, Click "
" And The Effects Will Be Added.
Step 10: Finishing Touches.
To Enlarge And Move The Images Around, Go Onto The Layer Of The Chosen Image And Press "
" And "
" On Your Keyboard At The Same Time, Just Like Earlier.

A Box Will Appear Around That Image And Will Be Able To Be Moved Around.

While Re-Sizing The Image, Always Press "

Once You Have Finished Re-Sizing, Press The "
" Key To Save Your Changes.

You Can Also Edit The Main Image By Going To "
", Then
", And Then "
" Just Like Before.

You Can Also Use The Other Options Available From "
" Too.
Step 10: Part 2.
To Make Your Text A Different Colour, Click On The Text's "
", Then Press "
", Highlight And The Click Any Colour You Want On The Colour Grid In the Right Hand Corner Of The The Document.

I Made My Text "
", To Show A Contrast Between The Background.

I Decided To Make The Text Stand Out Further By Placing A Box Behind It.

To Add Shapes, Click On The "

", Located In The Tool Bar On The Left Of The Document.

It Looks Like A Shaded "

You Can Use What Ever Shape You Like, If You Hold The "

" Down, A Small List Of Other Shapes Will Appear.

Once A Shape Tool Is Selected, Double Click On The "

" Located Above The "
" Like Icon.

A Box Will Pop Up Allowing You To Choose A Colour.

Drag The Little "
" Into Whatever Colour You Want The Shape To Be.

Once You Have Selected A Colour, Press "
Step 10: Part 3.
Once You Have Clicked "
", Draw Your Shape Out.

I Placed Mine Behind My Text To Make It More Bold And Striking.

Make Sure The Text's "
" Is On Top Of The Shape's "
", Otherwise The Text Won't Be Able To Be Seen.

Just Drag The Shape's "
" Under The Text's "

Now You Know How To Add Text, Images And Add Effects, Why Not Add More Information Such As A Website Address, A Logo, The Name Of The Product You Are Advertising To Make It Look More Professional.

Just Go Back To Importing More Images, Adding More Text, Adding Shapes, And Editing Them Too.
Step 10: Part 4.
Once You Have Finished Importing More Text, Images And/Or Shapes You Will Be Left With A Great, Eye Catching A4 Sized Advert.
Well, It's Been A Long And Bumpy Road,
But Your Journey Is Finally Complete.

I Hope This Has Helped You To Understand How To Use "Adobe Photoshop" To Create An A4 Sized Advert.
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