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Madrid: Los Almacenes

La Cultura de Alejandro

rachel o

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Madrid: Los Almacenes

Brought to you by: Rachel Okun, Shamus Cardon, Vivekanand Tatineni Los Almacenes El Corte Inglés la tienda de modas: the clothes shop
la tienda de regalos: the gift shop
la dulcería: the candy shop
cerrado al mediodía: closed for lunch
oferta especial: special offer Shopping in Madrid Madrid is the capital city of Spain and the beating heart of Spanish culture. Visitors to Madrid are spoiled for choice for things to do, including museums and sightseeing. Many people, however, visit Madrid specifically for its shopping opportunities, whether its fashion or food. Large retail establishments with an extensive assortment of varieties and a range of goods, organized into separate departments. All departments are housed under the same roof to facilitate buying, customer service, control and merchandising. Vocabulario Palabras Clave Generally, shops open 10am - 2pm
Between 2-5pm they close (lunch and siesta)
Shops open again 5 pm - 8pm
Many are not open at all on Sundays The best time to go shopping in Madrid, Spain is during the semiannual sales.
Winter: January 7th - February
Summer: July 1st - August el estacionamiento: the parking garage
la entrada: the entrance
la salida: the exit
de rebajas: on sale
¿Puedo probármelo?: Can I try it on? defectuoso: defective
roto: broken
zócalo: main square
el carrito: the shopping cart
el recibo: the reciept However, many of the bigger stores, such as El Corte Inglés, do not close during the siesta. Generally, customers pay with cash or with a credit card. If paying with a card, they need to show their passport or ID card For people visiting from outside the EU purchases over €90.15 are returned their Value Added Tax (VAT) To Know When Shopping in Madrid: El Corte Inglés was founded in 1934 as a drapery store. It is now located in numerous cities and sells a vast range of products from its many departments. It has bought several other competing store chains, after they went bankrupt. It now faces competition from French store chains like Carrefour and Auchan.
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