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Ashley Xu & Charlotte Starr

No description

lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Ashley Xu & Charlotte Starr

Steven L. Bennett

Mary Edwards Walker
Steven L. Bennett
He had risked his life because he had unparalleled concern for his companion, extraordinarily heroism and intrepidity above and beyond the civil duty.

Mary Edwards Walker
The only women who received the medal of Honor.
Steven L. Bennett
He had risked his life because he had unparalleled concern for his companion.

Mary Edward Walker
During her captivity in the enemy sentry, Walker was treated in bad care, it made her suffered vision problems that later in life prevented her from practicing medicine.
Medal of Honor - the highest award for taking things beyond what is expected in the army. With the characteristics of Honor, Sacrifice, Patriotism, and Valor.
Ashley Xu & Charlotte Starr
Thank you!
Medal of Honor

Steven L. Bennett
He had taken down half of the enemy's Calvary with a single plane

Mary Edwards Walker
Walker was a medicine doctor, who volunteered in the civil war to help injured soldiers even though she was not respected of her gender.
Steven L. Bennett
He had enough courage to do not what his sergeant told him and went to go destroy the enemy's Calvary in a jet

Mary Edwards Walker
Walker has been a spy when she was captured by the Confederate troops in 1864. And she was able to continue her job on medical as a women.
1) http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/3230/bennett-steven-l.php]

Medal of Honor
troops for serving the country
Steven L. Bennett
Mary Edwards Walker
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