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No description

Jason Teong

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Prezume

Hi all. My name is
Jason Teong Jia Xin E-mail:
prince_laughter@hotmail.com My University: My GPA:
2.7880 Location:
City = Kampar
State = Perak
Country = MALAYSIA Anticipated Date Of Graduation: ~January 2015 Major of Study: ~Psychology Campus Activities and Leadership Roles: ~None at the Moment Past Work Experience ~Helper at Kindergarten
~Helper at "Special Kids" Center My Prezi Profile Page: http://prezi.com/user/prince-laughter/ Why do I think I would make the Best Campus Ambassador For My Campus? ~I think I can be the Best Campus Ambassador because I like creativity in different forms of presentation so that it will be more interesting. Also, I have yet to see students and lecturers who uses Prezi for their Presentations and I will like to let more people know about Prezi and make presentations more interesting. Which Prezi Value I believe is the most
Important and why? ~I think that the Value 'We Help People
share ideas' is the most important. This is
because sharing is the greatest act that
we can do. We learn to share things that
are good with people at a very young
age. So, when we have great ideas, it
should be share with others as well.
With Prezi, we can. 3 action steps to "Prezify" my campus: 1. As I have not seen anyone using Prezi, I will start to use Prezi in as many presentations as possible so that people may know about this.

2. Introduce Prezi to as many Students and lecturers as possible so that they may also use Prezi as a Presentation tool.

3. Share as many ideas with as many
people as possible using different
and creative ways through Prezi. THANK YOU!!!
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