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Prelude Travel Kenora

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 15 November 2017

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Transcript of Prelude Travel Kenora

Experience 32 years
Travel experience they are travelers as well
Consistency + Frequency + Message = Market Share
More Market Share = More $ for you
Stay "top of mind" with local consumers
Heavy up during key times in your business
Speak to both, relational and transactional customers
Build the Prelude Travel Brand
We will promote Prelude Travel over 900 times on-air in 12 months
Prelude Travel will be front and center on KenoraOnline.com 24/7, 365 days a year
Average of 75,000 ad views per month, 900,000 in 12 months!
Market Research
Prelude Travel Inc.
Time – they are really busy and stretched for staff therefore sometimes have to turn projects away.
She said she is maxed and will be retiring soon so she said no opportunities
Maintain strong client base so that the business is strong come time to retire/sell (this is our thoughts)
Canadian dollar
World issues
Weather/natural disasters
Book it yourself vacations
According to the World Tourism Organization Canadians spend an average of $951 per person on international travel every year
$39,988.89 spent Daily on International Travel
spent on international travel in Kenora every year!
Big Box #3 on KenoraOnline Home Page
2 x 30 second commercials/day Monday to Friday
Total of 520 x commercials
4 x 30 second commercials/day Saturday & Sunday
Total of 416 x commercials – American Top 40 Sponsor
Average of 78 x 30 second commercials per month
Total Annual Investment of $22,280 (A value of $30,744)
Average of $1,855 per month/$428 per week
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