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Sybil Ludington- (761-1839)

No description

Cara McLellan

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Sybil Ludington- (761-1839)

Early years
Later years
-Edmond Ogben
Children- 1 Henry Ogd
Career- no career
Places Lived- Dutchess county, New York
3 Interesting facts
1.Sybil Ludington because a female Paul Revere
2.Sybil Ludington had 4 names
3.Along Sybils journey she used a stick to fight off anyone who tried to attack her

Birthdate and place -April 5 1761, New York Ludington
mother and father-
Abigail Ludington Henry Ludington
Siblings 11 brothers and sisters
Hobbies Farming
Education- no education
Sybil Ludington (1761-1839)
By: Cara McLellan
What makes him or her famous because the British soldiers were attacking a town that was was 25 miles away

What did he or she do to contribute to the American Revolution? Sibil Ludington rode 40miles to gather her fathers men
2.https://en Wikipedia.org/wiki/sybil_ludington
3.https://WWW.nwhn.org/education-resources/biographiessybil Ludington/
4.https://WWW. killeenised.org/teacherDocs/c21e7249/documents/RepacketG5blue-90931pdf
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