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Bend it Like Beckham

No description

Claire Hamilton

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Bend it Like Beckham

"Bend it Like Beckham"
A Cultural Study

Activity (4:00)
What Would You Do?
Movie Trailer and Overview
Theme Overview
National Identity
Ethnic Identity
Age Identity
Dialectics of Identity
Intercultural Communication
National Identity
Refers to legal identity in relation to a nation
Often confusion between national identity and ethnicity
Cultural conformity vs. Cultural distinction
Ethnic Identity
Some immigrants try to assimilate, others try to retain culture
Theory: refers to an individual's sense of self in terms of membership in a particular ethnic group
dynamic construct which evolves and changes in response to developmental and contextual factors
Various Identities of Immigrants:
Integrated Identity
Separated Identity
Assimilated Identity
Marginalized Identity
Age Identity
Identification with the cultural conventions of how we should act, look, and behave according to age
Jess' parents
Disconnect due to generational gap
Generational Cohort Theory: the era in which we are born shapes our view of the world
Veterans (1920-1945)
Baby Boomers (1946-early 1960s)
Generation X (Late 1960s-1989)
Generation Y (1989-2010)
Video (4:30)
Jess' Identity
Often still seen as foreigner (Indian)
Integration through clothing, attitude, name, and activities
Soccer player (obsession with Beckham)
Jess' Ethnic Identity
Expectations of dress, behavior, values, attitudes
Video (22:00)
Intercultural Communication
Dialectics in Relation to Identity
Works Cited
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"Sending and receiving of messages across languages and cultures. It is also a negotiated understanding of meaning in human experiences across social systems and societies"
Arent, Russell. "The Scope of Intercultural Communication."Bridging the Cross-cultural Gap: Listening and Speaking Tasks for Developing Fluency in English". Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan, 2009. N. pag. Print.
Constantly negotiating her lifestyle with the rest of her family.
Soccer drifting her away from her culture.
Jules, an influence to Jess' behaviors and attitudes.
Jess' Family
Intercultural Discrimination
"differential treatment on the basis of race that disadvantages a racial group"
"treatment on the basis of inadequately justified factors other than race that disadvantages a racial group"

Cricket experience (41:20)
Full transcript