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No description

Lauren Madril

on 9 November 2018

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Transcript of Hyperbole

Hyperbole Examples
1.) I am so hungry, I could eat a whole cow.
An exaggeration to cause a desired effect.
Write the best hyperbolas anyone has ever written!
Choose one of the following prompts and write a story using
hyperbolas! (Underline all 10 in your story!)
1.) Write a news report about a local event like a bake sale, a house that caught on fire, etc.
2.) That was the easiest test in the world.
3.) These shoes are killing me.
Really? You mean that?
You could
eat a whole cow?
No test could
be easier?
The shoes are
ending your life
We're only going to talk about this forever . . .
What's the purpose of these hyperbolas?
1.) I've seen this movie 80,000 times.
2.) Thanksgiving break will never come!
3.) I'd rather kiss a rattlesnake than go to the movie with you.
Note: Hyperbole is different from sarcasm
Hyperbole: obvious exaggeration
Sarcasm: a neutral sounding comment meant to hurt
To your younger sibling: "I'm going to kill you!"
Your mother can't cook and calls you to dinner. You say, "This should be great."
2.) Write a sappy love story about 2 teens in high school
3.) Write a letter to someone explaining the best or worst day ever
4.) You are the most talented person in the world.
But can sarcasm and hyperbole overlap?
1.) You drop something and say, "This is the best day of my life!"
2.) A friend accidentally gets you grounded and you say, "You're the best friend anyone could ever hope for!"
3.) Your dog chews on your favorite shirt and you say, "No one has ever loved a dog as much as I love you."
Saying something beyond what is literally meant
Taking words at face value; using only a strict meaning of words
Let's practice with drawing!
Hyperbole Quiz
1.) What is the difference between literal and figurative language?
2.) What type of figurative language did we talk about today?
3.) Define Hyperbole AND give an example.
4.) How is hyperbole different from sarcasm?
5.) What's one reason someone might use hyperbole?
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