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Assembly Truths - Roles

A biblical approach to understanding the roles of man and woman as appointed by God.

Jaya Kumar

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of Assembly Truths - Roles

Creation Order
Genesis 1:26-27; 5:1-2 - 1 creation act, 2 parts
Redemption Order
Galatians 3:28
Assembly Order
Psalm 119:160
Cultural Practice
Commanded Precepts
Separate roles seen in creation and in judgment:
The man is task orientated (Gen 2:15; 3:17-19)
The woman is relationship orientated (Gen 2:18; 3:16)
Satan attempts to reverse the roles when tempting Eve
No distinction between man and woman
Same privileges and responsibilities
Same blessed hope
Providers of hospitality (Jn 12:2; Acts 18:1-3)
Gospel witnesses (Phil 4:3; Acts 18:1-3)
Givers of private instruction (Acts 18:26)
Doers of good works (1 Tim 2:10; 5:10; Rom 16:1-2)
Keepers of the home or busy at home (Tit 2:5)
Role models to and teach the younger women (Tit 2:4-5)
Stewards of the covering (1 Cor 11 cp. Num 4:24-26)
Worshipers (Heb 13:15; Jn 12:3; 1 Sam 1:13)
Public speaking/teaching/praying (1 Cor 14:34-37; 1 Tim 2)
Leadership/subjection (1 Tim 2:8-15)
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