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Argument is Everywhere

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Angelo Incitti

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Argument is Everywhere

- Argumentation to Convince -
Arguments don’t necessarily aim to persuade people, but to convince them that the issue is merited and deserves their attention and concern. This type of argument is found in journalism, news station broadcasting, etc...

Dissecting Argument
The Trilogy of Argument:

Claim: an arguable statement.

Evidence: Facts, documentation, or testimony used to strengthen a claim, support an argument, or reach a conclusion.

Commentary: anything serving to illustrate a point, prompt a realization, or exemplify, especially in the case of something unfortunate.

Interpreting Argument
- Argumentation is a huge part of everyday life and interpreting these arguments is a crucial part of being able to contribute to society

- No matter what it is, whatever you pursue will undoubtedly require this ability and that's why it is so crucial

- Identifying and examining everyday arguments is key to forming your own and aspiring to your own individuality

A World Plagued by Argument

A World Wrought With Argument
Forming Argument

- The ability to argue in an expanding world is becoming more and more crucial
i. Being able socially state and support opinion
ii. Developing the ability to avoid gullibility to argumentation
iii. Being able to examine and identify argumentation claim and support
iv. Having the ability to develop counterargument to counteract opposing argument socially or higher

- Being able to identify and examine an argument is a skill that is an absolute necessity in today’s society
Examples Of Argument

i. Common societal issue-”political debate, crisis decision making, governmental funding distribution ”
ii. Social interaction- ”simple matter conversation, social disagreement”
iii. Marketing Exposure-”Advertisement gullibility, value assessment

Argumentation is everywhere and therefore comes in many different forms. The form it takes depends on the purpose and circumstance for which it stands...
- Argumentation to persuade -
Many times, authors not only want to convince audiences but they want to move them to action. (advertising, political blogs, youtube videos, newspaper editorials, etc…)

Argument: Due to the streets being wet this morning, it must have rained over night.

Claim: It must have rained last night.

Evidence: The streets are wet.

Commentary: This typ of moisture is incapable of being produced by any other source, leading to the assumption that is rain was the cause for the treats being wet this morning.
-Argumentation to Inform -
Often writers argue to inform others, to give information, much like a bumper sticker that simply provides an organization’s name and web address.

- Argumentation to Explore -
Many important issues today call for arguments to explore them. It theres an opponent in such a situation at all (often theres is not), its likely the status quo or a current tend that, for one reason or another is puzzling. (2011 Budget Debate, Zora Neale Hurton’s Ironic Exploration of Racism)

-Argumentation to Make Decisions -
Closely allied to exploratory arguments are arguments that aim to make good, sound decisions, whether about cutting budgets or choosing a career. For college students, choosing a major is a momentous decision, and one way to go about making that decision is to argue your way through several alternatives.

-Argumentation to Meditate and Pray-
Sometimes arguments can take the form of prayer or intense meditations on a theme. In such cases, the writer or speaker is most often hoping to transform something in himself/herself or to teach peace of mind.

- Our opinion and our ability to argue it defines who you are in society

- Without this ability one can only find home in conformity

- Being able to form this argument is key to striving towards individuality

Argumentation In Action
Actual Example
-Argumentation increases in importance through the progression of life

- Argumentation is a turntable on which society is played.
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