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My AMP Model

No description

Nur Asyikin Mat Taib

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of My AMP Model

Nur Asyikin Mat Taib
Generation Y My AMP Model IDENTITY SELECTION All of the media that I have consumed affect me in 3 ways: INTERACTION Normally, I will used some terms in "Hangul" (Korean language), to talk with my friends who also "obsessed" with Korean stuff. Simple words like "Gamsahamnida" (Thank You), "Arumdawo" (Pretty), "Guinchana-yo" (It's okay), "Sarang haeyo" (I love you), "Cinggu" (Friend), "Saeng ichulka hamnida" (Happy birthday), "Mianhamnida" (I'm sorry), "Juahae-yo" (I like you) & "Mashitta" (Delicious); are always used in our daily conversation.

My friends and I also make some Korean friends at our university and share the language as well as the Korean stuff. I also tell them some story about my own culture. APPLICATION IDENTITY
APPROPRIATE Since I was 7 until I turned into 17, I lived with my grandparents in the countryside (rural area). I was not being exposed much towards media except for informative ones like news and talks. My media consumption at that time (during my school days) were influenced by my grandparents and our surrounding. People in my neighborhood hold tightly on the muslim value and Malay custom. It prevent me from watching or read the unnecessary things unless it is related or beneficial towards my study.
culture shaped and influence media use
(Arnett et. al., 1995) Name: Nur Asyikin Mat Taib
GEnder: Female
Race: Malay
Generation: GEN Y
Religion: Muslim

I am the first child and the only daughter in my family. I actively consumed various types of media when I turned 18 years old and right after I entered a college life. I also started to use electronic gadget (media) since I was living away from home. My first two electronic
gadget I used. Entertainment Identity
formation High
sensation Coping Youth
Culture My media usage
normally evolve around Lived Experience = FILTER Today, I am a 23-year-old teenage girl
who studying at Victoria University of
Wellington, New Zealand. I still use various
types of media like novels, the Internet,
social networking () and magazines to fulfill
my needs for: entertainment
shaping my identity
putting me into high sensation
coping with problems
being as a part of youth culture As a young people, my media consumption
keeps changing together with my IDENTITY PERSONALITY INTEREST My media selection based on Who I am What I want to be a teenage girl who listen to pop music
socializing with other via social networking
enjoying every chapter of my life gratefully and happily
taking care of body and beauty
a Malaysian TESOL-sponsorship student a secondary school teacher in three and a half years
a young woman that enjoying life in a happy and beautiful way THE END As a young people who enjoying life happily
I need entertainment that makes me even happier Media help me to shaped my identity
especially in gender and character I love to look healthy and pretty.
Hence, flipping over health and beauty
magazines help me to fulfill my obsession. Sometimes, I face with particular problem,
I used media to calm myself down,
relax and seek for possible solution Today, Korea has entering many countries
all over the world via entertainment. Youth today
are obsessed with Korean stuff like its variety shows,
songs and interesting drama. Hence, this lead me to
be a part of that culture as well. Those media
fulfill my needs
tell me how should I behave in certain condition
inform me with latest update about my favourite artists
teach me on particular issue
make me happy My television series My Music selection (Steele & Brown, 1995, p. 556) The music that I listen to,
encourage me to do well
in whatever I done. It gives
me spirit to keep going to
achieve my dream no matter
ho hard the situation is. EMOTIONAL When I listen to my favorite song
in my handphone music player, I feel
encouraged, happy and free. Those song (Korean and English
pop songs) seem to fade away
my problems and show me
new light to keep moving. Sometimes, I feel like those music
understand me well as if the implicit
meaning of those songs linked with me. BEHAVIOURAL I love to listen to my favourite playlist
(consist of Korean & English pop song),
when I do my work Those song that I listened to,
make me work calmly - put away
the stress and pressure. Hence, I was able to complete my assignments and works
within the time given - produced good result as well. COGNITIVE The music I listened to make me realize that I am able to do
anything no matter how hard or complicated the thing is. Song like "Dream High" (J.Y.P., 2011), has opened
my eyes that the "dream" that we have should not be
let go. But, we need to work to make it realistic, instead.
It also portrays good value that we should not give up
easily and put trust on yourself in order to grasp success. Keep working on it and be together are
the keys of success, indeed. Dream High (English Translation)
by TaecHyun Lovers (Taecyeon and Soohyun - Dream High) on Tuesday, 17 May 2011 at 03:40
I dream high, I had a dream.When it gets hard, I close my eyes.
And while replaying the moment my dream comes true.I kept get up, and keep going.I shake in the face of fear today as well,I’m afraid to fly in fear of falling down, like a young bird.I keep on asking whether I can do this, whether my dream can come true.Whenever I make a step, step by step, again, the fears come back.
I dream high, I had a dream.When it gets hard, I closed my eyes.And while replaying the moment my dream comes true.I kept get up, keep going.I can fly high, I believe that. One day, into the sky.I’ll spread my wings and fly up higher than anyone before.I need courage to help me get up,
Brush the dust off and need the courage which would make me jump up again.Believing in myself and in my destiny once again,Risking everything and I’ll jump over the wall higher than myself.
[RAP] dream high, a chance to fly high.From now to all the pain, bye bye. Try and fly as high as those stars in the sky.Watch your dream unfold, time for you to shine,It’s the starts, gotta make’em mine,Don’t be afraid of building your own future, walk on confidently with all your might.Destiny is your fate, unstoppable destiny’s spreading in front of us.This is the whole new fantasy for you, so, just take my hand.Our goal now is the same, don’t give up on your dream and future.Everyone’s here with youthful passion.
I dream high, I had a dream.When it gets hard, I closed my eyes.
And while replaying the moment my dream comes true.I kept get up, keep going.I can fly high, I believe that. One day, into the sky.I’ll spread my wings and fly up higher than anyone before.

http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=209840615705474 Most of the
media that I
consumed are
my favourite.
Like those Korean
drama, variety
shows and pop songs
did leave a deep
meaning and impact in me.
For example, most Korean
drama depict on the good
value like respect the elders
(although they are one year older)
and care towards each other. Like
"Running Man" (Korean variety show),
it portray that work in harmony
as a team will lead to succeed. Some dramas
like "Gossip Girl"
"The Vampire Diaries",
illustrate more
on free sex among
the characters.
This is not a good
thing to be consumed as
I (as a Muslim is
forbidden from watching
those kind of scenes.
However, I personally very envy
towards the characters good
friendship, strong relationship,
trust and how they care about
each other among them. Despite
of those "bad scenes" showed, I
still watch those dramas for its
other good values, portrayed. Trough those dramas, I have learn to act in good manner and
respective way towards the elders.

I also believe that without a good relationship
with people around us,
we are nobody.
Yet, I am fully understand that
working together as a team in harmony
make it possible to achieve a better result, later. CONSCIOUSLY, I follow and apply those
good values from those dramas.
That values that I adopted become
my habitual action like respect the
elders and work together successfully. SUBCONSCIOUSLY, I learn to wear
colourful attire (same like Korean artist).
I started to use
mascara and eyeliner
to make mine looks like theirs.
I also start to put on nice and beautiful
attire where ever I go.
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